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Catching Up


This week has flown by and soon I will be flying to Utah.  The week’s primary creativity endeavors involved making pieces to fill wholesale orders.

However, I did complete another doodle:


And started working on backgrounds for my Soul Collage cards:

soulcollagecard1blog.jpg    soulcollagecard2blog.jpg

soulcollage3cardblog.jpg   soulcollage4blog.jpg

The studio will be closed for a few days while I visit Utah and get in some skiing.


3 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. Love the soul card backgrounds, Amy ! Especially the one with the stem cutters!
    Have a great time in Utah. Your kitty looks like he/she misses you already!

  2. love the cards you’ve made. they’re gorgeous!!

    have a great time skiing!

  3. Glad you like the cards Dora and Leah. Now to ponder what else I can add to them.


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