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Happy New Year!

As we welcome a New Year, here are some words to ponder from Shakti Gawain.

You Are An Artist

Think of your life as a painting and try to create it the way a painter paints.  Listen to the life force within you.  Trust it and move with it.  Risk trying new colors.  Then stand back and look at your painting. What does it tell you about yourself?  Your painting gives you wonderful feedback about what is going on inside of you.

Life is Your Masterpiece

Here is one way to look at your life.  Every day, you are creating a masterpiece.  As you create you take the feedback from it, so you see how you can change what you create tomorrow.  And you have to be willing to delve very deeply and very honestly into yourself in order to do that.  You have to take that reflection and see what it is really teaching you about yourself.  Where are you really expressing yourself in a way that feels full and right to you?  Where are you holding yourself back?  Where is there distortion?  How can you heal that?  Where is there not truth in this creation and how can you allow that truth to come forward?