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Polymer Clay Workshops

Receive a free tutorial when you sign up for my Polymer Clay Workshop newseltter, click on this link: The Creative Well-Amy Crawley’s Polymer Clay Workshops

Interested in learning more about creating with polymer clay? Consider taking one of my polymer clay and mixed media classes. I offer classes in my studio and at local art and craft stores. Classes are currently taught in Massachusetts and the New England area.

Don’t live in Massachusetts? Would you like me to come and teach at a location near you? Leave a comment on this page and I’ll contact you directly.

Found Poetry Artist Trading Cards (ATCs)

Found Poetry Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) are the artistic blending of ATCs and the random expression of found poetry. When combined, these two art forms result in funny, imaginative, and quirky ATCs.

In Found Poetry ATCs, we’ll

  • create inspired phrases from randomly chosen words
  • create polymer “paper” using liquid polymer clay
  • embed the phrases, add color and images to the polymer “paper”
  • attach the polymer “paper” to a substrate
  • add additional embellishments for a truly inspired ATC, and
  • swap ATCs at the end of class.

Want to see more? Watch this short video for a class overview and to see more samples: Found Poetry ATCs

Polymer Clay Boot Camp 1: Introduction to Polymer Clay

In Polymer Clay Boot Camp 1, you will learn about polymer clay from the ground up. In this three-part workshop, we will discuss the basics of polymer clay (brands, handling, finishing), learn foundation techniques, and create artwork using these techniques. Weekly topics include: The Four Fundamental Canes, Exotic Wood Grain Metal, The Fantastic Faux. (Option-Classes may be taught in the workshop format or individually.) Minimum number of students required: 4

See an overview of this workshop in the video Polymer Clay Bootcamp 1 Overview

Session One: The Four Fundamental Canes-Learn four fundamental cane techniques that are the foundation for making more complex canes. Just enough to whet your appetite.

Session Two: Exotic Wood Grain Metal-Learn to create fascinating, one-of-kind layered patterns in polymer clay inspired by the ancient metalworking technique Mokume Gane using low-tech tools.

Session Three: The Fantastic Faux– Learn how to create some of the most popular faux gemstones and imitation natural materials with polymer clay, including jade, bone, abalone, and turquoise.

Polymer Clay Boot Camp 2: Advanced Polymer Clay Techniques

In Polymer Clay Boot Camp 2, you will learn advanced polymer clay techniques over three sessions. Each class focuses on a specific advanced technique, introduces you to liquid polymer clay, and builds upon the skills you learned in Polymer Clay Boot Camp 1. You will leave each class with a piece of artwork inspired by that day’s technique. Weekly topics include: Sassy Blends, Liquid Clay, and Capturing an Image. (Option-Classes may be taught in the workshop format or individually.)

Liquid Polymer Clay Bookmarks and Art Tags

Liquid Polymer Clay Bookmarks and Art Tags

In this class, you will learn how to create bookmarks and art tags with liquid polymer clay. First you will learn how to use liquid polymer clay as a resist with rubber stamps to create art tags. Then we will explore how to make polymer clay paper with multiple thin layers of liquid clay. We’ll stamp, color, and embellish the polymer clay paper to create personally inspired bookmarks. You will leave class with several art tags and bookmarks. Minimum number of students required: 5

Polymer Clay Art Dolls

Art Dolls are a popular form of creative expression. In this introductory class, you will learn how to sculpt a whimsical art doll head and build a strong body armature. We will explore the faux wood grain metal technique, mokume gane and create inspiring polymer clay fabrics to clothe your art doll. Then you can make your art doll even more personal by adding your favorite charms and embellishments. You will leave class with a finished art doll and foundation techniques that will allow you to further explore this form of creative expression. Minimum number of students required: 4

22 thoughts on “Polymer Clay Workshops

  1. Hi Amy,

    Where in Massachusetts are you located? I would love to learn more about polymer clay. I have basic equipment but would love to participate in your boot camp?

    Do you do classes in New Hampshire?

    I live in the seacoast area of NH.

  2. Where in Mass are you having these classes?
    I am very interested in learning how to use polymer clay and I’d love to learn how to do a lot of things with it!
    I live 20 minutes outside of Worcester,
    Thank you,

  3. Do you have a guess as to when you may be offering these classes?

  4. Keep up the beautiful work. Thanks for all the resources!

  5. Hi Amy I was wondering where you offer your classes. I am a beginner to polymer clay and would like to know more.

  6. I have just started working w polymer clay to design my earring to sell.. I really need some guidelines on how to create my earrings w/o area bobbles… Where are your classes pls.

  7. Greetings,
    I am interested in your bootcamp for polymer clay. There is an artist inside trying to get out. Let me know when and where you are offering them.
    Thank you,

  8. My sister and I would love to participate in a class but know when you are holding them I live in North Central MA and I think we could commute easily enough. Please let me know. Ruthie

  9. Could you send class schedule please?

    • Hi Jackie, Thanks for your interest in my polymer clay classes. I’ve sent you a copy of my newest e-newsletter with the most current class schedule & other information.

  10. I am interested in finding a sculting class for my Dad. Can you please send me info on your classes? Thank you.

  11. Interested in taking class with u on making dolls out of clay. I live in Leominster mass

  12. I am a beginner poly clay user and would like to learn more. I live on the seacoast in NH and would like to now if you will be having a nearby class.

    Thank You

  13. Where are the classes held and schedule

  14. Hi Amy. I have been looking for polymer classes for a while. Where do you hold classes when you do have them? Appreciate any info.
    Have a great day!

  15. Hi Amy,
    Where do you teach your polymer Clay classes.
    I live near Worcester, MA.

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