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X-Man Puzzles

I loved to work on puzzles as a kid.  It was fun to mix up the pieces, pour them out onto the table, and then reassemble the pieces into the picture on the front of the puzzle box.  There was something magical about watching the puzzle picture come together.

X-Man Puzzles grew out of a hobby Randy Crossman picked up several years ago.  His handcut “micropuzzles” consist of notched, interlocking pieces as small as 1/4″ wide, long, and deep.

Crossman sketches a line drawing, adheres the pattern to 1/4″ thick cherry plywood and cuts out figures or objects that will be in silhouette first.  Next, concentric circles are cut in a snaking pattern.  The last step involves cutting out the tiny, individual puzzle pieces.

Gallery Series puzzles, aimed at curio collectors, have 1,200 to 4,000 pieces.  Limited Edition Series puzzles have 140 to 400 pieces and the Silhouette Series puzzles have approximately 40 to 65 pieces.


Most of the puzzles I’ve ever put together are eventually taken apart and put back into the box for another day.  Crossman’s puzzles are stunning works of art that deserve to be displayed.  To see more X-Man Puzzles, click here.