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Quotable Monday

Drinking tea, eating rice,
I pass my time as it comes;
Looking down at the stream,
Looking up at the mountains,
How serene and relaxed I feel indeed!

Pao-tzu Wen-ch’I


Catching Up

This week has flown by and soon I will be flying to Utah.  The week’s primary creativity endeavors involved making pieces to fill wholesale orders.

However, I did complete another doodle:


And started working on backgrounds for my Soul Collage cards:

soulcollagecard1blog.jpg    soulcollagecard2blog.jpg

soulcollage3cardblog.jpg   soulcollage4blog.jpg

The studio will be closed for a few days while I visit Utah and get in some skiing.


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Full Wolf Moon


The Full Wolf Moon is so named because of the wolf packs that howled outside the Native American villages.  This moon is also referred to as the Old Moon or the Moon after Yule.

Have you ever howled at the full moon?

Give it a try.  It made me laugh.  And laughter is always good.


Photo by Bryan Harry


Prescription for Creativity

I was a bit under the weather toward the end of last week which put a damper on my endeavors to be creative everyday.  Feeling blah and not very motivated,  I wrote myself a prescription for creativity:


Following the requirements of the prescription, I bought some wild socks


Did some doodling (I think I have a thing for circles)


And tried my hand at making paper fabric


The paper fabric was created using directions from Beryl Taylor in her wonderful book Mixed Media Explorations: Blending Paper, Fabric, and Embellishment to Create Inspired Designs.

The prescription seems to have worked.  I’m feeling much better now.  And thanks to Rice Freeman-Zachary’s book, Living the Creative Life, for the inspiration to write that prescription.


Creative Everyday Challenge 2008

creativeeveryday.jpgThis week I joined the Creative Everyday Challenge.  I think this will be a great challenge because the idea behind it is to think about being creative everyday in all forms, not just art.  It could be a creative approach taken to solve a problem.  It could be creative cooking.  It could be as simple as making a snow angel, making up a game, writing a poem, or watching the sunset.

You can read the specifics of this challenge here.

Sounds like a great way to live creatively.


Hope to Atone (What the Snow Melt Revealed) Postcard

For my second postcard for the WCA exhibit, I planned to collect some items found during a walk in the neighborhood and was going to title the postcard “What the Snow Melt Revealed.”

I collected bits of trash, including a crumpled newspaper page, candy wrappers, a straw and a crushed can.  It wasn’t until I started to wrap the newspaper around the cardboard base that I noticed the words in the headline “…hope to atone.”

It was a serendipitous moment.  The newspaper revealed to me the true name of this postcard.  To me it says we, as humans, are hoping to atone for what we’ve done to our earth.


Hope to Atone (What the Snow Melt Revealed)
(January 2008)