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Creative Everyday Challenge 2008


creativeeveryday.jpgThis week I joined the Creative Everyday Challenge.  I think this will be a great challenge because the idea behind it is to think about being creative everyday in all forms, not just art.  It could be a creative approach taken to solve a problem.  It could be creative cooking.  It could be as simple as making a snow angel, making up a game, writing a poem, or watching the sunset.

You can read the specifics of this challenge here.

Sounds like a great way to live creatively.

2 thoughts on “Creative Everyday Challenge 2008

  1. Thanks for popping by! I’ll keep you bookmarked and check in on your CED projects!


  2. Hi V,

    CED 2008 is great. I’ve “met” many artists already and have viewed some great work, including your site.


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