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Something Old Made New: Adding Text to Artwork


A few years ago I made a bunch of simple heart pins. The heart was made from textured copper polymer and accented with a gently accordion-folded strip of gold polymer.

Copper Heart Pin

I sold several of these hearts and had a few left in my inventory. I didn’t want to dispose of the last remaining hearts, so I started thinking about how I could give these hearts an updated look.

The other day inspiration finally struck when I decided to add a small banner of text to the surface of the heart. I’ve been working with a mix of white and translucent polymer, so that seemed like a natural choice to use for the text banner.

Not sure how this would look, I took one heart to be the demo piece. I rolled out the clay, cut a strip to fit on the surface of the heart, and stamped words into the clay with my metal letter stamps. I used tiny amount of liquid clay to “glue” the raw clay to the surface of the heart. After the banner of text was cured, I used a thin wash of acrylic paint to highlight the letters.

And here is the result:

I was pleasantly surprised with the results. The ivory polymer provides a nice contrast to the copper clay. And by adding text to some older artwork, I’ve updated the look and given the pieces new life.

Love Heart

Mine Heart


These hearts are currently for sale in my ArtFire Studio in the Pins section. Locally, you’ll find them at the Nashoba Valley Winery.

A New Heart Project

In keeping with this heart inspired mood, I started playing around with a completely new heart design. I have an idea of where I may go with these hearts. Until then, I’ll just share these two pictures.

Luv Heart Front

Luv Heart Back

What do you think? I’d love to read your thoughts on this new design.

6 thoughts on “Something Old Made New: Adding Text to Artwork

  1. What do I think? Well, I think these are great.. I really like the “updo” to the copper hearts. Makes them pop. AND… I’ve always love chubby hearts. My fav to make.. Yours are delightful.. Love the colors and the stained look of them.

  2. I love the freeform heart. The colors are lovely!

  3. Hey Amy, very nice…I really like the heart! How have you been? Any plans on maybe doing another class at Ink About It?

    • Hi Pat, nice to hear from you. Thanks for your compliments. I’m working on some new class ideas this spring. Hope to get back to Ink About It in the near future. Hope to see you in a class too!

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