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More Heart Art


I was completely surprised and honored to learn that my LUV heart was featured on Polymer Clay Daily this week.

I’ve been working on more hearts and since it’s Valentine’s Day, it seemed like a good time to share more heart art.

BE Heart Front

BE Heart Back

HOPE Heart Front

HOPE Heart Back

LOVE Heart

LOVE Heart Back

All of these hearts are made with polymer and alcohol inks. I’ve been experimenting with different techniques for applying the alcohol inks. Still learning which one I prefer to use. Have also tried mica powders as a base layer but am not sure if I like that approach.

Either way, it is all fun. Isn’t that what play and practice is all about?

The hearts measure 2″ long by 1″ at their widest point. I love the way they fit into the palm of your hand.

8 thoughts on “More Heart Art

  1. I too have been playing with alcohol inks. I love the colors but it is a learning curve! Are you starting with white clay or dark clay? It looks like dark to me but then how would the color show up? Are you using Ranger or Pinata. I love the Rangers but the Pinatas are so much brighter……..

    • Hi Roberta. Yes, the alcohol inks do take some learning and playing with in order to find a technique that you like. I used white clay for these pieces. I like both the Pinata and Ranger inks; not sure if one is more vibrant than the other. Might be the colors I’m using.

  2. Amy your hearts are lovely. I also use Rangers inks. In France, I struggle to source stamping fonts. Have you a good US supplier? Kylee

  3. Awesome new work, Amy! Congratulations on your PCD post!

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