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Puppetry & Storytelling Exhibit


Earlier this year the New Art Center in Newtonville, MA had a wonderful little exhibit: Extraordinary: Puppetry, Storytelling, & Spirit. The exhibit featured puppets, marionettes and characters created from a variety of materials. It was an interactive exhibit that allowed visitors to manipulate several of the puppets and invited children (of all ages I assume) to create and play with hand puppets and put on your very own puppet show.

Here are some pictures from the exhibit.

First up: Puppets from Bread & Puppet in Vermont (did that sound redundant?)


Bread and Puppet


Next, paper dolls on rods in a slide theatre. These were fun because you could move the dolls and create your own story.


Slide Puppets


Jeff Sias’s “Victor Contained” is a puppet theatre contained in a vintage RCA television.


Victor Contained: TV Puppet Theatre


Here are marionettes by Donald Saaf and Julia Zanes. The marionettes are part of the Bluebird Theatre.


Bluebird Theatre Marionettes



More Bluebird Theatre Marionettes


Next are amazing puppets made by Ashley Bryan. Bryan crafts his puppets from detritus he picks up on walks along the beach. These puppets are homely and magical at the same time.


"Odion" First of Twin



"Oinwokhu" Second of Twin



"Natambu" Man of Destiny



"Babutu" Peacemaker


And last, Tolu Bommalata shadow puppets from India


Shadow Puppets from India



Tolu Bommalata Shadow Puppet


This was a fun exhibit because it brought out the child in everyone.

Do you remember the first puppet you ever made? I think mine was either made from a sock or a brown paper bag.

What is your favorite shadow puppet to make with your hands?

2 thoughts on “Puppetry & Storytelling Exhibit

  1. What a cool exhibit, Amy! I think the first puppet I ever made was from a brown paper bag and had big construction paper eyes. As an adult, I sewed a muppet-like puppet named Shannon for a children’s show I produced on local access tv. That was a lot of fun! I co-hosted the show with Flash the dog and Vivian VaMoose, both puppets. My kids loved making shadow puppets right before bed. They were usually rabbits and birds. Thanks for sharing your visit and helping to bring back some wonderful memories.

    • Hi Karen,

      It was a cool exhibit that did touch on the inner child in all of us. Glad my visit brought back good memories for you. Wish I could’ve seen your cable TV show. Vivian VaMoose?

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