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Happy Halloween, Happy Samhain



Samhain, pronounced “sow-in,” is Irish Gaelic for “the summer’s end” and represents the death of the summer sun god Lugh.  Samhain is the beginning of the Celtic and Wiccan New Year.  It marks the end of the harvest.

Samhain is considered a time to eliminate weaknesses.  It is now customary to write one’s weaknesses on a piece of paper and then to burn the pieces of paper.  It is also a time to plant the seeds of new projects, to allow them to germinate over the winter, and to end old projects.

If you catch a falling leaf on Samhain before it touches the ground, it will bring you good luck and health for the coming winter.

Halloween originates from the ancient Celts celebrations and is based on their “Feast of Samhain.”

To learn more about Samhain and other Celtic festivals, visit here and here.

2 thoughts on “Happy Halloween, Happy Samhain

  1. Hi Amy, Happy New Year! I love your Halloween collection of pumpkins and ghoulies, watched over by your cat. 🙂

  2. And a Happy New Year to you, too, Karen. Pippin was rather accomodating, wasn’t he? He stuck his face in the picture just as I was getting ready to take the shot. -Amy

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