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Work In Progress: Ornimals and Tiny Totem Bobbles


What are you working on this week?

I’ve had a productive week in the studio making Graduate Owl Ornimals and new Tiny Totem Bobbles. Here are some of these pieces in progress.

Graduate Owl Ornimals

This group of five Graduate Owls is half of the 10 pieces I need to have finished by the end of this month. Another five are on my work table in the first stage of sculpting.

"Neked" Graduate Owls

"Washed" Graduate Owl Ornimals

I’m giving some thought to making a video on my sculpting and finishing process for the Ornimals. Is that something you’d like to see?

Tiny Totem Bobble Birds

The birds are being well-received. They make people smile. I’ve sold one already. And I put together a class on sculpting the birds. That proposal is being reviewed in a couple of places. I’ll let you know when those classes are scheduled.

For now, here are two new versions of the Tiny Totem Bobble Birds.

Tiny Totem Bobble Birds In Progress

I have this fear that the hole I drill in the bottom of the birds will close or shrink during the curing process. So I made these two little curing “mounts” for the pieces. It works pretty well. Except for the fact that the wire supporting the bird on the left came out of the mount and was stuck in the bottom of the bird after it cured in the oven. I was able to remove the wire with a set of pliers and a good yank. No damage done. Not sure why the liquid clay didn’t bond with the wire and raw clay of the mount.

What did you work on this week in your studio?

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend.

6 thoughts on “Work In Progress: Ornimals and Tiny Totem Bobbles

  1. Wonderful new work, Amy! I always love to see and read about your creative process. I would definitely be interested in taking your sculpting birds class. It sounds like fun! Good luck with your proposals. This week I’ve been working on beading bezels for some polymer clay lentil beads I made and also working on a knitted lace shawl. Have a great weekend!

    • Thanks for your compliment, Karen. I can’t wait to see your new work. I’ll let you know when the Tiny Totem Bird class is scheduled. It would be great to have you in class.

  2. Great work. Love reading about your adventure. I finished a sculpted piece for work project and am developing a ball jointed cloth doll body I can use with my sculpted heads. hands and feet.

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