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Blog Anniversary Giveaway Week 1 Winner……


Thanks to everyone who left a comment on the Week 1 Blog Giveaway post. The winner’s name was drawn this morning using a highly scientific process:

Seven names were written on sheets of paper, folded, and placed into a box:

The lid was placed on the box:

I shook the box for about 30 seconds:

The lid was removed and I chose a piece of paper:

And the winner is……

Linda Easton is the winner. Linda, you’ll receive a copy of Steve Pressfield’s book “Do The Work!” and one of my Lucky Soulful Sprites. Congratulations Linda!

Do The Work! book cover

Lucky Sprite

Thanks again to everyone who participated. Check back this Friday, 8/12, to see what you can win in Week 2 of my blog anniversary celebration.

5 thoughts on “Blog Anniversary Giveaway Week 1 Winner……

  1. Loved the suspense!

  2. Congrats, Linda! You’re gonna love Amy’s little sprites.. oh so cute.

  3. Amy, I received the book “Do the Work” and the Lucky Soulful Sprite you sent. Thank you.
    I put the lucky sprite on my end table in the living room after admiring it and read the book the same day. I will go back and reread to get all the messages .
    Again thank you for picking my name out of the box.

    • Linda, I’m glad to hear the book and Sprite arrived safely and that you enjoyed the book. It is definitely worth a second and third read. So much pops out on the successive readings. I had several ‘a-ha’ moments. It sounds like Lucky Sprite has a special place in your home too.

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