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Daily Tarot: Judgement


It does seem curious that as the Daily Tarot series ends on a Sunday, the final card is Judgement.  Judgement is known as the karmic card.  That is, “as you sow, so shall you reap.”  This card signifies judgement day and represents karma.

Judgement represents the result of the seeds you’ve previously planted as well as past efforts that are now being rewarded.  Judgement indicates renewal and revival; dormant matters are now coming back to life.

When you draw this card, a general feeling of rejuvenation is given.  Now is the time to be happy with new beginnings afoot.  Liberate yourself from old attitudes or patterns of behavior.  Make choices and do so without blaming yourself or others.

Judgement tells us it is time to “get off the fence,” to make choices, and wake up to new possibilities.

Zodiac affinity: Pluto


Daily Tarot: The Hierophant


The second to last card in the daily Tarot series is The Hierophant.  The archetype of the Hierophant is knowledge and education.  This card may indicate receiving help from a wise, trusted person, such as a mentor, teacher, or religious figure.

The Hierophant frequently refers to large institutions, such as hospitals, educational establishments or churches and suggests conformity and conventional, set ways of working or thinking where it is difficult to implement change.

Where the Emperor represents material and worldly matters, the Hierophant represents the spiritual aspect; following traditional values and moral ethics or the need to find deeper meaning to life in exploration of spiritual matters.

When you draw the Hierophant, it indicates that traditional values are appropriate for any actions but also that your inner spiritual soul needs expression.

Zodiac affinity: Taurus

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Daily Tarot: The Fool


The Fool is one of my favorite cards in this Tarot deck because of his joyful and fun-loving attitude.  The Fool is the zero card; the very moment before creation which indicates unexplored potential.  Zero also represents the endless circle and cycle of life; that without beginning or end.  Alpha and Omega.

The Fool represents unexpected opportunities that will suddenly appear and that bring welcome changes.  It tells us to remain open as we will need to make a major choice seemingly out of the blue.  However, one negative aspect of the Fool is the implication that we are afraid of making choices out of fear of making the “wrong” choice.

When drawn, the Fool is a reminder to listen to the voice of our inner child that recalls the excitement of new adventures and stepping into unknown territory.  It asks us to take a leap of faith, to travel along unknown paths, to let go of worries and self doubt, and to grow as a result of the experience.

If you are confused about making a decision, the Fool tells you that it’s time to believe in yourself and trust your heart.  Sometimes resistance is more foolish than risk.

The Fool represents new beginnings and childlike enthusiasm for life.  The Fool signifies the unpredictable; that life is full of surprises and anything goes.

Zodiac affinity: Uranus


Daily Tarot: The Hanging Man


The Hanging Man is the most mysterious card in Tarot.  The Hanging Man can indicate self-sacrifice; we need to let go of something in the short term to gain something considered far more beneficial in the longer term.

The Hanging Man tells us that life seems to be in a period of suspension.  We need to take this opportunity to look at matters from a fresh and different perspective which may bring a possible solution through better understanding.

It is time to let go of emotional baggage so you’ll soon be released from any pain or emotional hurt because you are opening your mind to living for the moment, not for the past.

The complexity of the Hanging Man invites you to do exactly the opposite of what you think is right to do and thereby gain results.

Zodiac affinity: Neptune

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Daily Tarot: Justice


Justice, a Tarot card with great meaning as seen in the image depicted.  Here a woman stands between two pillars which symbolizes the need to balance duality.  Her white gown stands for purity of purpose and her blindfold signifies impartiality.  In this image the scales of justice are carefully balanced.  Further, the symbols in this card show the essence of duality and the need to keep all things in balance.

Justice is indeed a card of balance.  It represents rational, logical balance rather than emotional and usually indicates a beneficial outcome.  When you draw this card, you need to do what is right. That is, take a very rational view of the situation or issue at stake.  Don’t be judgmental about your actions or intentions or those of others.  Take responsibility for your choices.

Justice asks us to look logically and objectively at ourselves, to find the whole truth and nothing but the truth even if it means recognizing that we have made mistakes and thus must make ammends accordingly.

Zodiac affinity: Libra


Daily Tarot: The Devil


Today’s Tarot card is The Devil; quite a way to start my Monday.  There is definitely something alluring about the image in this particular deck.

The word “devil” comes from the Greek word “diablos” meaning adversary.  The archetype of the Devil is all that is apparently “bad” in a world where we constantly search for the good.  In fact, it is often our own inner devil which causes most of our problems due to lack of consciousness, ignorance, or illusion.

The Devil was also previously identified as the pagan god Pan who symbolized primal masculine energy at its most uninhibited level.  This card also indicates an aspect of secrecy.

The Devil card can have positive and negative interpretations.  It often appears when a situation is dragging you down and you feel helpless to change it.  It can show a form of self-enslavement and if you take control of the behavior or situation you will be released from it.

When you draw this card, it is time to confront your demons.  The more we understand and face our fears, the less power they have over us.  This card asks us to accept our limitations, to develop an awareness of self and others and to understand that we may be bound and chained to a narrow perspective or be living under other people’s expectations.

Zodiac affinity: Capricorn

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Daily Tarot: The Chariot


Today’s Tarot card is The Chariot, a card of triumph though not without effort.  The archetype of the Chariot is self-assurance and the spirit to get what you want.  A great deal of potential exists with this card but the end result depends on the effort expended to make it a reality.

The Chariot tells us that self discipline is required along with focus and perseverance.  The Chariot also signifies the qualities required to succeed over any obstacles that lie ahead.

This card tends to show inner conflict that needs to be controlled in order achieve success.  Perhaps you are being pulled in two directions or have conflicting influences in your life.  Here, focus is needed on one path; scattered energies will not bring achievement of the goal.

The Chariot tells us that you will achieve success in any enterprise and overcome all obstacles in your way.  Confidence, a healthy ego, and self-belief, strong motivation, and self-will are key to progress.  Self control or an outside controlling force will help you achieve your goals.

Zodiac affinity: Cancer

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Daily Tarot: The Hermit


Today we look at The Hermit, a card whose meaning seems to reflect how I feel on this cloudy, rainy day here in Massachusetts.

The Hermit, in this deck depicted by an elderly man with white hair and beard, signifies careful thought and contemplation.  This card tells us it is time to withdrawal from the outside world in order to reflect and find inner wisdom.  In fact, the elderly man’s white hair and beard are symbolic of the wisdom of his years.

When you draw the Hermit, you learn that all the answers are within you but you may need some introspection to access them.  This represents the most secretive part of ourselves.  It also signifies that inner healing may be needed in order to create a more emotionally balanced way of looking at life.

The Hermit tells us: know theyself.  It is a time for self-acceptance, reflection and contemplation.

Zodiac affinity: Virgo