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Daily Tarot: Temperance


Temperance, a lovely, gentle card representing the integration of opposites.  In the image, the woman holds a silver cup; silver represents the subconscious.  In her other hand she holds a gold cup; gold represents the conscious.  One cup contains fire, the other cup contains water; again you have opposites being integrated.

When you draw the Temperance card, it tells you that constant flow and balance are necessary to attain harmony.  Temperance represents moderation, having patience, the ability to compromise, to find satisfactory solutions, diplomacy, and cooperation.

Earlier this week we discussed the card Justice, which represents balanced thought.  Temperance represents balanced emotions.

Sometimes referred to as the Alchemist, Temperance represents the successful blending of opposites;  harmony between your desires and your needs.  You are mentally and emotionally in balance.

Zodiac affinity: Sagittarius


Daily Tarot: The Sun


Here comes the sun… Today’s Tarot card is The Sun one of the most positive cards in Tarot.  The archetype of the Sun is male active energy of the conscious mind and physical plane.  Courage, energy, insight, and getting to the heart of the matter are also its archetype.

The Sun card shines favorably on any situation.  Drawing this card brings happiness, success, triumph, excellent relationships, a happy marriage, contentment, prosperity and good health.  It tells us that a period of material and spiritual prosperity is at hand.  However, we must also keep stock for less fortunate times.

The Sun illuminates us with positive thoughts about how we can manifest dreams and goals.  It encourages us to move on and leave the shadows behind.

Zodiac affinity: Sun

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Daily Tarot: Justice


Justice, a Tarot card with great meaning as seen in the image depicted.  Here a woman stands between two pillars which symbolizes the need to balance duality.  Her white gown stands for purity of purpose and her blindfold signifies impartiality.  In this image the scales of justice are carefully balanced.  Further, the symbols in this card show the essence of duality and the need to keep all things in balance.

Justice is indeed a card of balance.  It represents rational, logical balance rather than emotional and usually indicates a beneficial outcome.  When you draw this card, you need to do what is right. That is, take a very rational view of the situation or issue at stake.  Don’t be judgmental about your actions or intentions or those of others.  Take responsibility for your choices.

Justice asks us to look logically and objectively at ourselves, to find the whole truth and nothing but the truth even if it means recognizing that we have made mistakes and thus must make ammends accordingly.

Zodiac affinity: Libra


Daily Tarot: The Devil


Today’s Tarot card is The Devil; quite a way to start my Monday.  There is definitely something alluring about the image in this particular deck.

The word “devil” comes from the Greek word “diablos” meaning adversary.  The archetype of the Devil is all that is apparently “bad” in a world where we constantly search for the good.  In fact, it is often our own inner devil which causes most of our problems due to lack of consciousness, ignorance, or illusion.

The Devil was also previously identified as the pagan god Pan who symbolized primal masculine energy at its most uninhibited level.  This card also indicates an aspect of secrecy.

The Devil card can have positive and negative interpretations.  It often appears when a situation is dragging you down and you feel helpless to change it.  It can show a form of self-enslavement and if you take control of the behavior or situation you will be released from it.

When you draw this card, it is time to confront your demons.  The more we understand and face our fears, the less power they have over us.  This card asks us to accept our limitations, to develop an awareness of self and others and to understand that we may be bound and chained to a narrow perspective or be living under other people’s expectations.

Zodiac affinity: Capricorn

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Daily Tarot: The Chariot


Today’s Tarot card is The Chariot, a card of triumph though not without effort.  The archetype of the Chariot is self-assurance and the spirit to get what you want.  A great deal of potential exists with this card but the end result depends on the effort expended to make it a reality.

The Chariot tells us that self discipline is required along with focus and perseverance.  The Chariot also signifies the qualities required to succeed over any obstacles that lie ahead.

This card tends to show inner conflict that needs to be controlled in order achieve success.  Perhaps you are being pulled in two directions or have conflicting influences in your life.  Here, focus is needed on one path; scattered energies will not bring achievement of the goal.

The Chariot tells us that you will achieve success in any enterprise and overcome all obstacles in your way.  Confidence, a healthy ego, and self-belief, strong motivation, and self-will are key to progress.  Self control or an outside controlling force will help you achieve your goals.

Zodiac affinity: Cancer

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Daily Tarot: The Empress


Today’s Tarot card, The Empress, represents growth, prosperity, and fertility, and brings situations to fruition.  The Empress is represents of the female archetype in Tarot; the desirable female form but also loving, nurturing and mothering.

The archetype of this card is abundance, fertility, creativity, concern for nature, the arts, grace, beauty, and, at its worst, greed, possessiveness, and overindulgence.

The Empress manifests life throught the birthing process.  The earthly and heavenly symbols represent the integration of spiritual and earthly matters, realizing the full potential of the two, therefore creating the third energy.

The Empress is a card of nurturing in all its forms: creativity, work, children, and family.  She represents pregnancy, birth, motherhood, solid and happy relationships, and marriage.  This is a truly positive card.

Zodiac affinity: Venus


Daily Tarot: The Magician


The Magician, can you feel the depth of his piercing eyes?  The archetype of the Magician is an achiever.  Here we are called to tap into all universal forces to get results.  The Magician symbolizes a bridging effect between the inner and outer you; how your unconscious desires filters through to your conscious and makes things happen.

The Magician tells us that you have all the skills and ability required to handle a task well and to bring it to a successful conclusion.  It is time for action and initiative in any new ventures.  You need to have confidence that you are indeed headed in the right direction.

The Magician is card number 1 in the Major Arcana.  This represents creative potential and power.  The beginning.  And empowerment comes through the understanding of our own abilities and the world around us.

When you draw the Magician card, you need to be flexible, to communicate, and to listen to your inner voice.  Make choices and confidently work with your skills and knowledge-as long as you don’t think you have the answers to everything.  Focus on your goal.

Zodiac affinity: Mercury

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Daily Tarot: The Hermit


Today we look at The Hermit, a card whose meaning seems to reflect how I feel on this cloudy, rainy day here in Massachusetts.

The Hermit, in this deck depicted by an elderly man with white hair and beard, signifies careful thought and contemplation.  This card tells us it is time to withdrawal from the outside world in order to reflect and find inner wisdom.  In fact, the elderly man’s white hair and beard are symbolic of the wisdom of his years.

When you draw the Hermit, you learn that all the answers are within you but you may need some introspection to access them.  This represents the most secretive part of ourselves.  It also signifies that inner healing may be needed in order to create a more emotionally balanced way of looking at life.

The Hermit tells us: know theyself.  It is a time for self-acceptance, reflection and contemplation.

Zodiac affinity: Virgo


Daily Tarot: The World


Today’s Tarot card is The World, another positive card.  The World signifies that you are becoming more aware of who you are, your limitations, your choices, and taking responsibility for yourself.

The World is depicted in this deck by a dancer wearing purple; purple is symbolic of spirituality and wisdom.  In each hand she holds a white wand representing polarization and unity of duality.  This card indicates the final synthesis of combining and harmonizing two opposites into one.  The wreath of laurel leaves symbolize victory and triumph.

This image represents the perfect union of all things; oneness with the cosmos, self-realization, harmonizing of all states: inner, outer, self and nature.  Here we return to the original divine state from which we came.

Drawing the World card indicates assurance of success, victory and triumph, accomplishment of a goal that has been steadily worked toward.  It is time for celebration of self and others.

Zodiac affinity: Saturn


Daily Tarot: The Star


Today’s Tarot card is The Star and like yesterday’s Death card, it too jumped from the deck during shuffling.

This is a beautiful card.  In this card a woman is depicted in a pool of water which represents our emotions.  In her hands she pours water, representing our subconscious, from gold pitchers which represent the conscious.  The woman is naked, representing truth.

The Star is a card of hope and inspiration.  It brings a sense of optimism and tells us to have faith; that we are safe in the knowledge that better times are ahead.

The Star is a welcome sight in any situation.  It provides faith and tells us to have belief in ourself; that our plans show promise and success is attainable.

Stars are good omens representing truth, hope, peace, and faith, joy, health, and happiness.  Stars tell us that success and critical acclaim of creative achievements is possible.

As an archetype, The Star represents your own personal shining light that allows you to navigate successfully through life.  When you draw this card, your powers of self expression are at their highest.  You feel in touch with universal energy and there is hope and belief in your future.

The Star gives you permission to navigate wherever you want to go to realize a dream.

Zodiac affinity: Aquarius