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Moonman Sculpture Inspired by Recent Super Moon

I’ve always enjoyed looking at the nighttime sky. As I get older, I find myself more fascinated with the twinkling stars and constellations. I do wonder “what is out there?”

The Super moon that we had a few weeks back was thrilling. Though it didn’t seem quite as large in my own backyard, some of the pictures posted online were fascinating. Looking at those pictures, an image popped into my head for a new sculpture. I drew the idea in my sketch book and began work on this new piece. I’m thrilled with how it turned out and am happy to share pictures of Moonman with you today.

First up is Moonman before he went into the oven. Looking rather fleshy isn’t he? Usually the sculpts are kind of ugly looking at this stage. He looks rather proud of himself.

Moonman Nekked

An acrylic wash is applied after the sculpt is removed from the oven and cooled. Then the fun begins when I add oil paint for dimension and character.

Moonman’s smiling face (Amy Crawley, 2012)

Moonman’s starry slippers (Amy Crawley, 2012)

Moonman in his starry jammies (Amy Crawley, 2012)

Moonman (Amy Crawley, 2012)

Moonman is approximately 4″ tall. He is made from polymer clay with a glass & wood armature. I think his smiling face might work its way into a new line of ornaments.

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Daily Tarot: The Star


Today’s Tarot card is The Star and like yesterday’s Death card, it too jumped from the deck during shuffling.

This is a beautiful card.  In this card a woman is depicted in a pool of water which represents our emotions.  In her hands she pours water, representing our subconscious, from gold pitchers which represent the conscious.  The woman is naked, representing truth.

The Star is a card of hope and inspiration.  It brings a sense of optimism and tells us to have faith; that we are safe in the knowledge that better times are ahead.

The Star is a welcome sight in any situation.  It provides faith and tells us to have belief in ourself; that our plans show promise and success is attainable.

Stars are good omens representing truth, hope, peace, and faith, joy, health, and happiness.  Stars tell us that success and critical acclaim of creative achievements is possible.

As an archetype, The Star represents your own personal shining light that allows you to navigate successfully through life.  When you draw this card, your powers of self expression are at their highest.  You feel in touch with universal energy and there is hope and belief in your future.

The Star gives you permission to navigate wherever you want to go to realize a dream.

Zodiac affinity: Aquarius

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Friday Folly

No silly pictures this time. Just some silly words that I came across in an old Signals catalog I found while I cleaning in the studio.

Scintillate, scintillate asteroid manikin
(A multi-syllabic version of Twinkie Twinkle Little Star.)

Missiles of ligneous or petrous consistency
have the potential of fracturing my gaseous structure,
but appellations will eternal remain innocuous.
(The erudite way to say “Sticks and Stones may break my bones.”)

(The fear of really long words.)