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Winter Solstice & a Snow Storm

Happy Winter Solstice to all!

Here is a favorite post I wrote a while back on the Solstice: Happy Solstice

And here is a curious article from the Sunday Globe explaining the history of Christmas in Massachusetts. Those good ol’ Puritans. To them Christmas celebration was rooted in pagan tradition and, therefore, a bad thing. Businesses stayed open and kids went to school on December 25. Talk about Scrooge and ba-humbug!

Yes, we had a little snow here yesterday. Not nearly as much as some areas, like Cape Cod, Washington D.C., New York City, New Jersey or Philly. But, 6″-7″ of snow isn’t small stuff either. Here is a view of how it looked yesterday morning in our front yard:

And later in the morning, these guys showed up in the backyard to dine on fallen bird seed. They stayed for a couple hours!

Yes, those are wild turkeys. They started showing up last month, 7-9 of them in a group. One afternoon I watched them fly up into the trees which was pretty funny. This pair poked and scratched in the snow for quite some time.

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Happy Solstice

Midwinter Solstice or Yule is the time of year when we experience our shortest day and longest night.  On this day the rebirth of the Sun god Yule is celebrated and evil winter spirits are expelled.

Winter solstice is considered a mysterious and powerful time as the sun begins to make a return journey across the sky.  Bonfires are lit to simulate the ascent of the sun and lamps are illuminated in homes with evergreens to simulate summer.

Winter solstice is a time to look back on the year’s achievements.  It is a time to use the darkness to dissolve old, outworn attitudes and defenses and to become vulnerable and sensitive.  With the fire of new light real joy arises.

Build a fire or light a candle.  Clear your mind, slow down your breathing and watch the flames burn for a while.  Let the flames burn away old habits and thoughts.  Think about your achievements for the year and clear a space for new goals and new intentions.  You may not know yet what the “new” will be.  At Imbolc (Candlemas or Feast of Lights) it will stir and reveal itself and keep the wheel turning.