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I’m not sure what motivated me to do it but I joined Twitter this weekend. Well, part of the motivation was to challenge myself to write short posts. Twitter limits you to 140 characters per post; that includes punctuation and spaces.

I’ve also been reading about using Twitter to promote your business, your web site, or your blog. All of which seem like good ideas. I’m still learning about this aspect of Twitter and will see what transpires.

The other idea behind using social networking sites is that you never know where you might connect with a potential customer or collector. Or someone might come across your Tweet or post and it could turn into a lead for a story for a magazine or newspaper article.

The reality is our life is extremely connected with technology. We must pick and choose the formats we wish to use and, hopefully, use them wisely. And when you run your own business, you have to consider both traditional and non-traditional venues for marketing and making connections.

Do you Twitter? If so, you’ll find me here on Twitter.