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More Weekend Reading: Link Sharing

I saved some links from last week in order to share them in this Friday’s weekend reading post. Others are from this week’s Twitter tweets. (Say that five times fast. ‘That, that, that, that, that.’) Must be the first day of spring. I’m feeling a little silly.

Unschooling Leads to Creativity and Passion: This interesting article from Ode magazine really resonated with me. I’ve always felt that our school systems often contribute to the stagnation of a child’s creativity. While this article doesn’t speak directly to schools, it does speak to parents who need to encourage their child’s passion and interests by following them and supporting them in whatever those interests are. Check it out here

Creativity Booms During Recession: This interesting article was tweeted by Alyson Stanfield. The topic: putting together an exhibit inspired by the recession on a shoestring budget. A hopeful sign is that an exhibit based on the recession is a one time event. Read on here.

Dialogue: I was recently pointed to the blog Design for Mankind which features dialogues via video on “the realistic side of living a life of creativity.” This particular post features several artists and freelancers discussing the current economic climate and how they are coping. It is one thing to read about commonly shared situations but seeing and listening to the dialogue can be even better. Watch the video here.  And if balance is a frequent challenge, watch the first Dialogue video here.

Why Make Art: Greater Good magazine devotes the winter issue to art: art and education, art, kids and creativity, the healing affect of art, and more. Read Greater Good here.

Using Down Time: How do you make use of these down times? Seth Godin explains on his blog two ways we can use what he calls “slack time.” Don’t just twiddle your thumbs or watch another cat video on YouTube. Use down time to your benefit. Start here.

Juried Art Shows & Transparency: If you’ve applied for an art show or exhibit opportunity you know the outcome: you get in or you don’t (or waitlisted if that is an option.) David Castle writes about the question we’ve all asked ourselves at one time or another when we receive a rejection letter, why don’t we know how the jury came to their decision. What do you think? Should the jury process be more transparent? Read David’s post here.

On Ego: The wonderful Patti Digh shared this link to an article by Ron Rolheiser on Humility, Ego and Greatness. Many of us have read how our ego is what keeps us down, keeps us fearful, and keeps us from moving forward by being an inner critic. Rohlheiser makes a good argument that ego is not necessarily a bad thing. We need our ego to cradle our self-awareness and self-confidence because a strong ego is what helps us accomplish great things. The difference is that having a strong ego does not mean one is without humility. What do you think? Can we have an ego and humilty too?