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A New Ornimal In The Works: Part 2

You guys did a great job with your guesses about this new Ornimal. Some of your guesses included

  • a chicken
  • a duck
  • a goose

You’re in the right category, guessing that it is some type of bird.

The little guy has been cured, cooled, and given a wash of acrylic paint. Here is another picture of this new Ornimal.

Any more thoughts on what this critter is?

Full reveal happens on Friday.


A Tiger Ornimal For Cathy

I received a special request from a friend. She asked if I could make an Ornimal for one of her friends. Her friend has a dog who is ill & she thought an Ornimal in the likeness of the dog would make a nice gift.

The little dog’s name is Tiger. He looks like a real sweetie. Here are two pictures of Tiger that were my source of inspiration.

And here is my interpretation of Tiger as an Ornimal.

Tiger Dog Ornimal, 2011, Amy A. Crawley

I’m happy with the way he turned out. I love his ears. And, as usual, the eyes complete the piece.

What do you think?