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More From New York

Here are some more images from New York:

Promoting Intelligence

Maybe I’m just not the target market, but this store ad from Diesel really bothered me. We’ve got enough ignorance and idiocy in the world and now we need to market it further? Another slogan in this ad campaign: “Smart May Have The Brains But Stupid Has The Balls.” (Is this an insult to men? Using the simplistic logic of this ad, the implication seems to be that men are stupid.)

The other thing I noticed with this store display is one of the areas filled with the colored balls had what appeared to be a female mannequin buried, head-first, in the display, legs sticking up. It looked like a dumped a female body.

Maybe I’m just getting old. Does this mean I’m turning into my parents?

Building Undercover

Love this building with a creative cover while it was undergoing renovation.

Curiouser and Curiouser

One of the great things about New York is you never know what you’ll come across. Last September during a visit, we noticed this curious group of people walking up the street.

It definitely felt like a time warp. Men with shiny musical instruments, Bavarian jackets, liederhosen, and women in long skirts. Hmm…

People in outfits with heads apparently attached to their backsides. Waist belts with large bells…..

Uhm, lady, you’re being followed…

Some would say it takes a brave person to wear such an outfit in the big city.

Being the curious sort, we followed these folks for a while. It was easy; they kept crossing our path. Turns out it was a parade celebrating German heritage. Beautiful plumage seemed to be a common theme.

The Village

We came across this collection of tiles when walking to Greenwich Village. Called Tiles for America, ceramic studios across the country came together provide an outlet for citizens to express themselves as part of the healing process post 9/11. It was quite stunning to see this memorial.

Street Fairs

When I first started doing art & craft shows, we learned to rate the quality of the “juried” show by the appearance of exhibitors who sold painted hermit crabs. And then I came across this at a street fair in New York:

Yep, your very own bug jewelry. Obviously promoting the fact that these are REAL BUGS is a big selling point. Kind of makes me nostalgic for the painted hermit crabs.

“The Rock”

Finally, no trip to New York is complete without a stop at Rockefeller Center to see Prometheus, the statue in front of Rockefeller Plaza.