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Art Studio Makeover: Part Two

In my last studio makeover post, I gave you a peek at the studio before and after the new paint was put on the walls. Since then I’ve been moving more items back into the studio. I’m very visual and though I sketched out a very rough layout, I really needed to get my hands on the tables, chairs, and other items in order to rearrange them.

Here is the new layout for my work area. I’m going with a large horseshoe layout. All of my clay and the tools that I use most often are closest to my primary work table. The other tables will hold encaustic supplies and mixed media painting supplies. My small sewing machine might also make an appearance.

Back Wall Work Area

Side Table for Clay Supplies

We spun my desk around so it faces one of the studio windows. That one small change makes the room feel even more open. The other day, as I sat at my computer, I was delighted to see a heron fly over head.

Center of Studio

The blue curtains are temporary. I’m thinking of switching to white curtains and tiebacks. I love how the studio looks in the sunshine. However, I need to close the curtains for an hour or two because the afternoon sun is very intense.

The large bookcase has been moved back to its usual spot on the front facing wall.

Front Facing Wall

I’m going to try out my armchair in this front corner. It feels kind of cozy near the window.

Reading Lounge

This is the sink room, also known as the “slop room.” This room is for baking and finishing clay, and photographing finished artwork.

Oven, sink, cabinets

Finishing Countertop

The completion of this post was delayed by a few days due to my schedule. Since I started writing this Part 2 entry, I’ve returned the storage shelves to the rear window seat, added a couple more items to the sink room, and expanded the “reading lounge.” I’ll share those updates in Part Three of this series.

I’ve also been enjoying reading about Monica Moses’ studio makeover adventures. She won a studio makeover contest. How cool is that? You can follow along here: Part 1 and Part 2


Studio Re-do

The last few months I’ve been thinking about re-doing my studio. Some of this was prompted when Libby Mills started her blog series on artist studios. My studio was featured on her blog in June, 2008 and her questions put a little bug in my head about changing my studio. Then the artist studio magazines started to appear in the bookstores. Oh my. I could spend quite a bit of time flipping through those magazines soaking in all the awesome studios.

However, I don’t want another artist’s studio. I want my studio. And what I’ve learned in looking through those magazines is each artist has done something in his or her studio that makes it unique. It might be the color of paint on the walls, a favorite chair, or the decor on the walls.

I want to repaint the walls in my studio this year and I’m thinking about doing just that this summer. Until then, I’ve started rearranging the tables and pulling more stuff out of the closet. As crazy as that might sound, yes, I’m actually pulling stuff out of the closet and putting it into the studio. Part of this has to do with clearing out old stuff that I haven’t used in years or perhaps never used at all. Part of this is reorganizing stuff so I can see it. I’m a great model of “out of sight, out of mind” when it comes to a lot of the supplies I’ve collected.

Here is the previous table layout in the studio which had two tables off the rear wall and one table in the middle of the room.

3studio2wktables1 6studiodormers

And a view of the closet:


In the new configuration, I moved the table from the middle of the room and placed it short end to short end with one of the tables on the rear wall which expands my work space from 6ft to 12ft. The small 4ft table was placed perpendicular to the 6ft table. This table folds in half and is easily removed to create more floor space.


The other change is the wire shelving you see between the two windows and the new, larger clock.


One of these units was in the studio closet. I bought two more last fall from Target and finally put them together. Now the three shelving units are in the studio which gives me better access to my mixed media supplies. All the container drawers are labeled so I know what is in each one (more or less.) Odd as it may be, I like having all these containers in the open. It feels more like a studio by having easier access to everything. I’ve also put some of the larger items I’ve collected from various antique stores and consignment shops (such as wood candle sticks, a turquoise blue wood spool, and a wood utensil drawer organizer) on the shelves as well. (Can you tell I love perusing antique and consignment stores?)

This rearrangement has also opened up some floor space which wants to be filled with a nice reading chair and perhaps a complimentary pillow. I found a chair at a local consignment shop. I hope to get back to the store in the coming week and make a final decision on whether or not the chair is a good fit.

I’ll post pictures of the goodies that I bought at the antique and consignment shops and if I buy that chair, I’ll share that with you too.



Ah March, when thoughts turn to daffodils and tulips; when the herons return to the rookery and raise their babies; when you look at the pile of magazines you’ve collected over the winter, the dust bunnies breeding under the furniture, and the stack of winter clothes ready for donation and you think:


Okay, maybe it doesn’t happen quite that way but you must admit that with the approach of spring we tend to start thinking about cleaning, refreshing, and renewing.

And that is where Flylady comes in.

Flylady was brought to my attention by Waverly Fitzgerald in her Living in Season e-newsletter.  Flylady was created by Marla Cilley.  A member of Marla’s mentoring group came up with the acroynym Finally Loving Yourself (FLY).  Prior to creating Flylady, Marla was (and still is) a Sidetracked Home Executive (SHE).  Both Flylady and SHE offer advice and ideas for housecleaning and keeping organized.

I’ve discussed in previous entries the topics of single-tasking and clearing.  Flylady applies similar principles to cleaning and organizing.  Flylady divides the home into zones.  Each week a specific zone is targeted.  Each day you spend 15 minutes (yep, just 15 minutes) cleaning or organizing a specific area in that zone.

How ingenius is that?

Flylady combines easy tips and humor that help you get through those daily chores (or weekly, or monthly, or yearly, as the case may be.)  By taking a task and limiting it to a 15 minute block of time, Flylady demonstrates that cleaning can be fun (well, okay, maybe not fun but at least tolerable) and that you will be left with a sense of accomplishment.

To keep yourself from feeling overwhelmed, Waverly suggested checking in with Flylady at the beginning of each week, checking the tasks for that week (see the Sneak Peak at the Week link), and then plugging them into your weekly schedule.  This is also smart because if you are already feeling pressed for time, you will have everything listed on the calendar or in your planner and you eliminate taking more time each morning to check the web site.

The Flylady website can be a little overwhelming as it is filled to the brim with information.  Start with the home page which highlights several sections of the website.  Admittedly it is easy to get consumed in the website following links all over the place.  I’d apply Flylady’s cleaning advice to searching her site: Set your timer for 15 minutes and take it in baby steps.