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Milagros Spirit Icon: Mouth

Our Words Are As Good As Our Deeds

The third Milagros Spirit Icon in this series is the mouth (or lips/mouth.)  Our mouths are portals through which we express our feelings and thoughts and through which we receive sustenance.  A mouth Milagros represents words and language.  In Milagros tradition, representation of mouths and lips is rarer than other body parts.

Mouth Milagros are used to cure both tangible and anxiety-created problems.  Mouth Milagros are a symbol of the sacred trust you have with your own body.  When you eat, contemplate your meal and ensure that the food you eat is nutritious.  When you speak, listen to yourself.  Consider that what you say is a reminder to others of your thoughts and beliefs.  Never underestimate the effect your words may have.


Milagros Spirit Icon: Mouth


Milagros Spirit Icons-Hands

Here are two pictures in the periodic posting of my Milagros Spirit Icons series. These two Milagros Spirit Icons represent the hands and/or arm. The hand/arm Milagros represents our connection to others. Our hands are the way we relate to the world; we reach out to others and others return our touch.

The hand/arm Milagros also represents labor; that which we use to complete our work; and are the instruments through which our creativity flows-through art, music, writing. Finally, the hand Milagros can represent healing through touch/massage, energy/Reiki, and prayer.

Look at your hands and think of all the ways you use them throughout the day. Your hands are one of your connections to the world.

Hand Milagros Spirit Icon

Hand Milagros Spirit Icon

Milagros Spirit Icon Hand & Arm

Milagros Spirit Icon Hand & Arm


Milagro Spirit Icons: The Heart

Milagros is Spanish for Miracle. In Folk Art, Milagros are talismans against illness, trouble and pain. They are symbols of hope or dreams; a promise made or fulfilled.

I became intrigued with Milagros during our trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico in September, 2007. The Milagros I purchased during that trip became the inspiration for this series of icons.

Today I present the Heart Milagro Spirit Icon. The heart Milagro represents love, healing, and gratitude. It is the most common image offered at shrines. Unlike our heart valentine, traditional heart Milagros are anatomically correct; some even have blood vessels coursing across the front. A heart Milagro may bring you a healthy heart, and may bring passion to your life and to the love you have for another.

The Heart Milagro Spirit Icon is approximately 10″ tall. His halo is a hammered bottle cap with a patina finish. The Milagro can be removed and worn on a necklace or bracelet. The Blessing Bottle holds prayer or wish.


Small Milagro Spirit Icons

In a burst of energy as I was preparing for the Paradise City show last month, I decided to create not only the large Milagro Spirit Icons (which I will post; I promise) but smaller Milagro Spirit Icons.  To keep the retail price affordable, I used small face molds (versus sculpting each head), created a solid form body structure, and mounted the icons on a base of polymer clay.  The Milagros were created from hand colored and stamped shrink plastic (versus authentic handcrafted silver Milagros.)

Therefore, these icons were a little simpler in construction than the large icons and were also created in batches (e.g. all the heads at once, all the bodies at once, etc).  By taking a production-like approach I was able give them a mid-level price tag which placed them in-between the price of the Vaughn Hills Sprites and the large Milagro Spirit Icons.  And each one still retains its own personality.