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Airhead or Sieve?

Have you ever had one of THOSE weeks? The kind of week where you wonder if your brain decided to take a vacation and forgot to tell you? My week certainly started out that way.

Whenever I have one of those days or weeks, I hear Thomas Dolby singing “She’s an airhead” or “My brain is like a sieve; sometimes it’s easier to forget.”

Is this what being in one’s 40’s is like? You walk into a room, stand there, and say to yourself “I know I came in here for something.” Then you proceed to stand there for a minute; you stare at the wall, you stare at the furniture; maybe you look at your hands and scratch your head.

And sure enough, as soon as you walk out of that room, BANG, what you remember what you were looking for.

“My brain is like a sieve…”

Sometimes you’re talking to someone. They ask a simple question that requires a simple answer. But you begin by presenting two possible answers to the question, debate them to yourself, maybe explain why you gave two possible answers and then decide on the best answer.

In the meantime this person is looking at you and politely nodding his/her head.

“Cause she’s an airhead…”

A friend once told to wait until I hit my 50’s. If I think I have some-timers and brain farts now, well, well…

I guess in your 40’s you start to gently slough off your brain cells but in your 50’s…WHAM-O.

I know it is nothing to really worry about. It is all a part of that process they call, gulp, aging. I’ll probably forget about it anyways.