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Is the Law of Attraction Crap?

Okay, maybe that is a bit terse, but after so many months of sharing thoughts on trying to live in the present moment, being positive, getting clear, and all that “woo-woo” stuff, I feel like kicking it all in the pants. And admit it; haven’t you wondered or wanted to do the same thing?

To borrow some worn out words “It is hard work.”

But I didn’t think it was supposed to be “hard work.” I thought it was supposed to be effortless. Aren’t I just supposed to “show up” and let the universe take care of the rest?

Can you tell I’m feeling a bit frustrated?

Actually I do believe that the law of attraction, or aligning yourself with the universe, or opening yourself to the universe or however you wish to describe it, does work. Problem is, it seems to be rather inconsistent. Or maybe I’m just not always “in the moment.”

My current feeling brings to mind an article I read in the March 2008 issue of Shambhala Sun by Brad Warner titled “That’s Not Very Buddhist of You.” In a nutshell, Warner, a Buddhist, discusses the issue of being told that you are doing something that others perceive as “not being very Buddhist.” That when when we don’t live up to someone’s idealized version or image, look out.

And that may be my problem with the Law of Attraction. I have, at times, held this idealized image of what it means to follow the Law of Attraction. That by being positive and upbeat and spreading the good karma and setting intentions and getting clear, I should get whatever I bloody well want.


Warner states “it is of no importance at all to try to live up to some media stereotype of a supposedly ‘typical Buddhist.’ In fact, that’s one of the most self-destructive activities you can engage in. Buddhism must always be grounded in reality.”

And so it is with the Law of Attraction. The reality of the Law of Attraction is that it happens in its own perfect time. It isn’t something you can force, push, or hurry along. When the time is right, it will happen.

The admittedly frustrating part is setting those intentions, being open to intuition, to the universe, getting clear, and nothing. So you keep on doing what you’re doing and waiting a little longer and, nope, not yet.

The universe sure is a big ol’ tease.

Some say that while you’re setting your intentions and getting clear and being open, the universe is aligning behind the scenes. Small things are happening. Perhaps you’re not paying attention to the small things because you’re waiting for the big wham-o. And when the big wham-o doesn’t smack you in the face, you think what is big deal with this?

Yet, if you look back, reassess your day, your week, the past month, you become aware of all the small things that did take place. The universe really did align and it did bring you to where you are today.

As Warner stated in his article “Our intuition never actually fails us, even though we often think that it does. We only fail to hear it over the noise we generate in our heads. We all have this intuition. But we’ve learned how to shout it down with our thoughts and emotions to the extent that it’s sometimes impossible to hear that small, still voice.”

I have sometimes felt that the Law of Attraction has failed me when in reality I have not paid enough attention to the small signs and trusted my intuition. When the negative voice or ego is on a roll, getting “uppity” you might say, I have to shift my thoughts and return to that place of stillness. After all, compassion begins with being compassionate with yourself.

Warner ends his article saying “Our practice will never make us perfect, when perfection is merely an image created by thought. Real perfection is just to keep on practicing.”

And so it is with the Law of Attraction. It is a daily practice to set intentions, to get clear, to be open. Some days I fail and and I have to get clear again. And some days I realize I’m right where I’m supposed to be.

Note: Christine Kane wrote a series earlier this year on the 6 Snarkiest Misconceptions about the Law of Attraction. I’m going to read these posts again. You’ll find misconception #1 here. Links to consecutive posts are at the top.


The Power of Intent

Before each show I tend to set a goal regarding sales revenue.  I know this can lead to disappointment; I’ve been disappointed on many an occasion.  Depending on the show I may set low expectations, high expectations, or no expectation (why stress out even more, right?)

When I exhibited at Paradise City this past May, I went in with no expectations.  My goal was to gain exposure, get my name and my work out there, introduce my art dolls to a new audience, and hopefully make a few sales.  I did not expect to cover expenses.  In today’s art world economy that doesn’t always happen.

With this fall show, however, I took a different approach.

You may be familiar with the Law of Attraction or the power of intent or vibrational energy.  There is also a movie, The Secret, that explains this belief.  Essentially the belief is that if you want or desire something and if you focus your energy on that want or desire, you can achieve it.

I was not familiar with any of this until sometime after I experienced my aura/chakra reading.  As I increased my awareness of my surroundings, I began to read more about the Law of Attraction.

Anyways, in the weeks leading up to this past weekend’s show, I set an intention; a revenue goal.  I also set an intention to attract people into my booth who would enjoy my art; understand and appreciate my art.  I visualized people in my booth.  I visualized people buying my work.  And then I went to the show with all this positive energy in my head.

I have to tell you that it worked.  Here are some of the more significant things that happened.

  • One woman purchased a Chakra energy angel for her spiritual teacher.
  • One woman bought my Shaman spirit messenger for her son, a medical doctor, who studied Shamanism with the Navajo.
  • One person bought a pyramid vessel to use as an urn for her deceased brother’s ashes.  This happened on the same day that another artist friend and I talked about using my vessels for just this purpose.
  • Another person returned on the last day to purchase two friendship bowls.  We had talked extensively the day before about Ireland, the Scots, and Scotland, which was the inspiration for the friendship bowls.
  • A man I greeted as he entered my booth proceeded to tell me that it didn’t matter what I said (as I gave him my little sales pitch, describing my work) that if someone wants to buy, they’ll buy.  He didn’t feel that giving information about our art work had any impact on someone making a purchase.  He had this really negative energy about him and it left me feeling lousy.  After he left I closed my eyes and tried to cleanse, in my mind, my booth of his negative energy.  Shortly after that two ladies walked into my booth who were breaths of fresh air and who were very complimentary about my art.  The energy was much better after that.

It was pointed out to me by another person in the last hour or two of the show that I was still energized.  We were talking about the chakras and energy and doing what you love.  It struck me that she was right.  I wasn’t tired like I usually am on the last day of a show.  I felt quite energetic right through the time I broke down my booth at the end of the day and headed home. 

It had to be the positive energy.  It had to be the power of intent.  It had to be the law of attraction.

What do you think?