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Monday Reflection: Peace

Strangely enough,
even though all beings would like to live in peace,
our method for obtaining peace over the generations
seems not to be very effective:
we seek peace and happiness by going to war.
Maybe we come home from work and we’re tired
and we just want some peace;
but at home all hell is breaking loose for one reason or another,
and so we start yelling at people.

War begins when we harden our hearts,
and we harden them easily whenever we feel uncomfortable.
It’s so sad, really,
because our motivation in hardening our hearts
is to find some kind of ease,
some kind of freedom from the distress that we’re feeling.
We can do everything in our power,
but war is never going to end
as long as our hearts are hardened against each other.

-Pema Chodron


Stress Manifests in Dreams

How often have you laid in bed at night comtemplating all the things that you need to get done by a certain date and then had that stress manifest itself in your dreams?

Last night I realized I was starting to get a little nervous about the little things that need to be accomplished before heading to Northampton next week for the Paradise City Arts Festival.  Now I know that worrying about these details won’t accomplish anything except more worry and stress.  And I tried to convince myself of that as I drifted off to sleep.

In the misty space that creates dreams (usually right before your alarm goes off), I found myself in a rather curious dream.  In my dream I awoke to feed the cats.  I came down to the kitchen (which really didn’t look like my current kitchen) and found stacks and stacks of dirty dishes in the sink and on the countertops.

I walked over to the sink with a feeling of dread and disgust (where did all this stuff come from?)  I look up and notice that there is water trickling down from and through the light over the sink.  Above the light and behind the light I see small flames dancing about.  I could see the flames through the wall too.  Suddenly what had been the light over the sink morphs into the exhaust hood over the cooktop.  (I hate that morphing thing.) 

I grab some baking soda to douse the flames.  (Now I know this is not recommended for what appears to be an electrical fire but this is a dream where even the impossible can happen.)  The flames go out and when I look down the sink has now morphed into the cooktop!  It is white and looks like a stove we had years ago.  The surface has burn marks and some of the dials are melted and a small fire is burning on one burner.

Now I hear a noise outside.  It sounds like the lawn company is here to mow the lawn.  There is a knock on the door.  As I open the door I notice that there is snow on the ground!  One of the lawn guys asks if he can use the bathroom (which they never do in reality.)

I show him the bathroom which happens to be adjacent to the back door of this house in my dreams (and now I’m thinking I must be in my childhood home because this is just how it was in that house.)  The bathroom looks almost identical to the one in my childhood home; pink ceramic tiles on the wall and that shiny silvery based wallpaper and the pink shaggy cover on the lid of the toilet seat.  Even the sink counter is covered in a burgundy like fabric.  (Okay, that really did not exist in the bathroom of my childhood home.)

I turn to the lawn guy and say “It’s my mom’s bathroom” and walk out.

Now I’m drifting back to a semi-awake state in bed and I’m trying to determine if I really did set my alarm clock for 6:00 A.M.  I can’t quite reach the button on the clock to tell, by braille, if I set the alarm.  I force my eyes open to look at the clock.

It is 5:54 A.M. 

The illuminated dot on the clock face tells me that I did set the alarm. 

I look around and see the cats are snuggled on either side of me.  I take a deep breath and close my eyes for the last few minutes before the alarm goes off. 

What a bizarre dream.  I guess I shouldn’t eat Mossaman curry in the hours before going to bed!