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Daily Tarot: Strength


Today, the Strength Tarot card jumped out of the cards remaining in the deck.  Strength represents a pure expression of our female qualities.

In this deck, we see a beautiful maiden and a lion.  The lion, the king of the jungle and a symbol of male energy, appears to have been tamed by the maiden.  The lion is an expression of inner strength but is controlled and manifested with the more gentle, feminine qualities of our nature.

Strength reveals that you have a reserve of inner strength that provides you with more power than you realize which is expressed through quiet determination.  Feminine qualities such as patience and diplomacy combined with courage will achieve required results and bring success.

When this card is drawn, be prepared to forgive and forget or to accept someone needs more space or that you can’t always have your cake and eat it too.

Strength can also symbolize feminine charms to which men succumb.

Zodiac affinity: Leo

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Daily Tarot: The High Priestess


Today’s Tarot card is The High Priestess.  The archetype symbol of The High Priestess is all that is unknown.  She is all seeing but gives nothing away and guards the secrets of the unconscious.

The High Priestess represents mysteries and secrets indicating more depth to some matter than you have seen so far.  She also carries the message of potential as yet unexplored or, perhaps, unfulfilled.  Look at the situation again as you may have missed something.

The influence of this card is feminine in nature, relating to the psyche and representing spirituality and esoteric matters, wisdom and the desire for knowledge and learning.  This card may also indicate an interest in deeper, more complex aspects of life.

When you draw this card, it is time to lift the veil of life’s illusion; to look beyond that which is obvious or plain fact and to accept that there is mystery in life too.

Where the Empress represents worldliness, the High Priestess represents the esoteric unknown factor, the feminine instinct that has mystified mankind for thousands of years.  Here you should follow your intuition and trust your instincts.

Zodiac affinity: Moon

Note: This is an intriguing card for a Sunday as I came across the following information by Kat Black in her description of The High Priestess card in the Golden Tarot:

During the Renaissance, the existence of a female Pope in the Dark Ages was considered to be historical fact.  This card’s old name “la Papessa” or “The Female Pope,” was changed to Juno in the seventeenth century.  By that time, Pope Joan was held to be no more than a legend, and a potentially heretical one at that.  Her story is intriguing though.  It is said that she posed as a man and rose to the Church’s highest office, but her deception was discovered when she became pregnant and gave birth on the steps of the Vatican.  The name was changed to The High Priestess in the Rider-Waite deck and some of the earlier Papal symbolism returned.