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Day 18


Wow! Can it be that I’ve reached the almost half way point (18.5 days really) in the 37 Day challenge?

Would you believe I had to count on the calendar to find the half way point? Seriously; the first few days were hard and now it seems that the days are just moving along. I realized I needed to find the half way point and check in.

If you’re just joining us, I’ll briefly explain what this is all about. Patti Digh put forth a challenge to her blog readers to participate in a 37 Day challenge. A challenge to do one small thing for 37 days; something small, doable, actionable.  And the only person your responsible to is yourself.

My challenge is to reduce the amount of sugar in my diet, especially chocolate.

The first few days felt like deprivation because I love chocolate. At one point I even stuck my nose in the candy jar just to inhale the scent of chocolate. Ironically, the next day I read about a guy who has invented a “chocolate inhaler”called Le Whif.

I’ve faced a few challenges during this time: a friend’s birthday party, Easter, dessert indulgences when dining out (why must the French be so good at making desserts?)

I find that my challenge is all about making good decisions.  I know that chocolate and sugar are my Achilles heel. Challenging myself to reduce the amount of sugar in my diet is a way to eat even healthier and to make healthier choices.

During this time my friend Judy has embarked on her own challenge to be “fit by 50” through diet and exercise. You can read her story here. Through her I found SparkPeople, a website that lets you track your food choices and exercise schedule. Though this challenge isn’t about doing multiple things at once, it has prompted me to engage in a little more exercise. This is not to say that exercise is my substitute for consuming sugar. It is to say that by becoming a little more conscious of my food choices, I find that I’m slowly getting back into exercise.

Therefore this challenge has created two positive outcomes: healthier food choices and exercise.

Not bad for only 18 days.

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A New Blog is Born

This weekend I put together a new blog The Exercise Diaries.  The Exercise Diaries focuses on the trials and tribulations, the ups and downs and humor of exercise, as well as health, food, spirituality and fun.

Why exercise?  Well, I’m a bit of a reluctant exerciser.  The enthusiasm I once had for exercise in my younger years seems to have waned as I’ve gotten older.  Or perhaps it is those forms of exercise that once captured my attention no longer do.

Anyways, the idea for the new blog actually occurred during a cross training walk.  That is one benefit of exercise right there; clearing of the head and opening the mind to new ideas.  And like that, the new blog was born.

The Exercise Diaries is a collaborative blog.  Two guest writers have joined me in this effort.  Overtime I hope other writers will also join us as well.

So go check it out and tell us your thoughts on the Exercise Diaries.