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Monday Reflection

Beginning today, and for several consecutive Mondays, I will post a favorite quote by a guest artist. Included will be an explanation of why this quote is a favorite and also some information about the guest artist.

Today’s quote is provided by Karen Park.

Don’t be right, be kind

-Dr. Wayne Dyer

Karen explains why this is her favorite quote:

Several years ago, I was listening to a PBS special with Dr. Wayne Dyer.  When he uttered those 5 words during the course of his lecture, it made me stop suddenly and look up.  “Don’t be right, be kind”.  How simple but oh so very profound, I thought.  So many conflicts may be caused by people attaching themselves to being “right” about something, conflicts with others and also conflicts with themselves.  It is allowing the ego to lead and our true nature to recede.  Because I believe that it is in our true nature to be kind.  To embrace the full diversity of life and know that there will be many differences amongst us and that it is ok if someone looks different or thinks differently from you.  To have compassion for your fellow human beings and not be so quick to convince them of your way, the “right” way.  I think that the core of this statement is to accept and love others for who they truly are because in accepting others, we also accept ourselves.  We are all connected in our humanity and our capacity to love.  Thinking about this statement everyday has helped me to listen closely, open my heart to others and to tap into my compassionate side more often.

About Karen: I am a mixed media jewelry artist living in Massachusetts, USA. I love writing and creating with beads, wire, polymer clay, fabric and paint. I also work for a tea company and love all different kinds of tea.