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20 Hour Challenge: Fits and Starts

Well, last week started out good as I found myself focused and ready to work in the studio. By the end of the week, I was focused more on business related activities.  I’m certainly in the studio for 20 hours; unfortunately I find myself unable to create art for an entire 20 hours. The reality is that when you have a small art business, a good chunk of time is spent on the busy-ness and not the arty-ness.

So, how did last week turn out: 24.25 hours total  = 7.75 hours on arty-ness and 16.5 on busy-ness.  Friday was Art Day at a friend’s house.  Because we hadn’t seen each other in so long, we spent the day talking and sharing art but not making art. So, I didn’t have any hours from that day to add to the arty-ness of the week, but the day still fed my creative soul.

I mentioned last time that I needed to eliminate some of the email newsletters I receive.  To that end I unsubbed from the daily Enneagram Thought and Oprah’s book club newsletter (apparently I became a subscriber when I participated in the webinar she did with Eckhart Tolle last year; completely forgot about that one.) I’m on the fence about a couple other newsletters and need to make a decision on their fate as well.

I also decided to consider my reading and meditation time as part of my preparation for working in the studio. It really does help me get my day started in the studio.

So along with the usual business stuff, I’m happy to say that I created the content for and sent out my August newsletter, updated my websites (though I didn’t publish the updates yet), and visited Skyline Boston to look at booth displays for the October Paradise City show.  And on Saturday, Eric and I visited the Peabody Historical Society to check out the Historical Interpretations exhibit. Here is Belle on display:


And on the art front, I started doodling. Now doesn’t that sound productive?  Actually, it is because doodling is another way to clear your mind. I found this beneficial during the week when I started to feel a little stressed. I sat myself down, created a doodle, and the tension seemed to melt away.  Here are some of my doodles from last week:




Check out these sites for more insight and inspiration in Doodling: SueDoodles and Mildly Creative

Remember those cat heads? They are starting to take on a little life of their own. The gray one has put in a request for a black and white striped suit. And the one I called a “demented rabbit” isn’t so scary now; though he does look more like a horse crossed with a rabbit.  Maybe Darwin would say he saw something similar on the Galapagos Islands.


Finally, a few wholesale orders rolled in so I have started working on business card cases, ink pens, and perfume pens.  To see what I offer in these lines visit here and here.


Prescription for Creativity

I was a bit under the weather toward the end of last week which put a damper on my endeavors to be creative everyday.  Feeling blah and not very motivated,  I wrote myself a prescription for creativity:


Following the requirements of the prescription, I bought some wild socks


Did some doodling (I think I have a thing for circles)


And tried my hand at making paper fabric


The paper fabric was created using directions from Beryl Taylor in her wonderful book Mixed Media Explorations: Blending Paper, Fabric, and Embellishment to Create Inspired Designs.

The prescription seems to have worked.  I’m feeling much better now.  And thanks to Rice Freeman-Zachary’s book, Living the Creative Life, for the inspiration to write that prescription.



Do you doodle?

I don’t doodle very often; even in school I wasn’t much of a “doodler.”  I’m prone to sketching which can sometimes be too demanding on my brain because a little voice in my head likes to speak up and talk about “perfection.”

However; yesterday I found myself doodling and drawing for a time while listening to David Sylvian.  It is curious what we create when listening to music.  I’m sure I’ll do this again.  Doodling seems to be a good way to clear the mind.