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Day 18


Wow! Can it be that I’ve reached the almost half way point (18.5 days really) in the 37 Day challenge?

Would you believe I had to count on the calendar to find the half way point? Seriously; the first few days were hard and now it seems that the days are just moving along. I realized I needed to find the half way point and check in.

If you’re just joining us, I’ll briefly explain what this is all about. Patti Digh put forth a challenge to her blog readers to participate in a 37 Day challenge. A challenge to do one small thing for 37 days; something small, doable, actionable.  And the only person your responsible to is yourself.

My challenge is to reduce the amount of sugar in my diet, especially chocolate.

The first few days felt like deprivation because I love chocolate. At one point I even stuck my nose in the candy jar just to inhale the scent of chocolate. Ironically, the next day I read about a guy who has invented a “chocolate inhaler”called Le Whif.

I’ve faced a few challenges during this time: a friend’s birthday party, Easter, dessert indulgences when dining out (why must the French be so good at making desserts?)

I find that my challenge is all about making good decisions.  I know that chocolate and sugar are my Achilles heel. Challenging myself to reduce the amount of sugar in my diet is a way to eat even healthier and to make healthier choices.

During this time my friend Judy has embarked on her own challenge to be “fit by 50” through diet and exercise. You can read her story here. Through her I found SparkPeople, a website that lets you track your food choices and exercise schedule. Though this challenge isn’t about doing multiple things at once, it has prompted me to engage in a little more exercise. This is not to say that exercise is my substitute for consuming sugar. It is to say that by becoming a little more conscious of my food choices, I find that I’m slowly getting back into exercise.

Therefore this challenge has created two positive outcomes: healthier food choices and exercise.

Not bad for only 18 days.


Day 8 of 37


Today is day 8 of my 37 day challenge. A week ago today I decided to reduce the amount of sugar in my diet. This has mainly focused on sweet treats and candy that I love to eat as a snack or for dessert, especially chocolate.

The first few days went well though I wondered if, in my quest to decrease the amount of sugar, I was instead replacing sweets with salty treats. When I last wrote about this challenge I’d recently stuck my nose in the candy jar and inhaled the chocolate smell from the candies. That alone was enough to satisfy my craving at the time.

My dedication to this challenge over the weekend faltered. It started on Saturday when I had an organic chocolate toaster pastry for breakfast. Granted it had “organic sugar” and not the usual corn syrup or high fructose corn syrup content. But my decision had been made and I ate it. About an hour or so later I felt exhausted. Is it possible to start eliminating sugar only to re-introduce it and have it fatigue you? I mean only 6 days had passed. Was this my body reacting to the chocolate toaster pastry?

Or was it the fact that we’d been to see Tower of Power on Friday night and didn’t get to bed till after midnight on Saturday morning? Perhaps it was a combination of both.

Later in the day my dance with chocolate and sugar continued when we had a cup of hot chocolate after returning from errands. Again, this was an organic chocolate and sugar mix. But chocolate is chocolate and sugar is sugar (this was not stevia or anything like that.)

It really tasted good but an hour or so later my body had another reaction. Hmm….

I knew Saturday would continue to be a challenge as we were attending the 60th birthday party for our friend Bruce. I knew there would be a birthday cake. Sure enough, the batter was half chocolate, half white. And oh the white frosting and frosting balloons. Yes, this too tasted good.

Sunday I again felt exhausted and had to take a nap in the afternoon. Another late night on Saturday plus a bit more sugar than I’d had in recent days.  Coincidence? Who knows.

What I do know is that there are certain days of the month when being without sugary sweets is much more challenging than other days of the month.

So Sunday, day 7, was my day to regroup and get back on with the plan. Today I faltered slightly with a chocolate chip coconut cookie (blast those Keebler Elves!)

Is it bad to say that I’m not feeling terribly guilty as I know these days will happen? These are choices I’m making so the only person I’m cheating on is myself and my commitment to the challenge. As someone once said you simply “dust yourself off and start all over again.”