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Consignment Store Finds

So I walk into Silent Partners Consignment in Leominster determined to find an old book for my workshop with Dayle at La Cascade. We need to bring an old book, sans binding and interior pages, in order to recreate our own new book. The idea of destroying any book sends shivers up my spine. Not because I enjoy tearing apart old books but because I cringe at the idea of taking apart an old book.  Somewhere in my past is a librarian, glasses perched at the end of her nose, looking me in the eyes and telling me that books are sacred; that we don’t deface or maim books.

I’m going to some form of book defacing hell for this.

Of course no visit to any antique or consignment store would be complete without walking through the entire store, right?

The search for a book ended just inside the store where I found a fine specimen. And then the real fun began.

This particular store specializes in liquidations and they had stuff all over the place; furniture, old pictures, candlesticks, jewelry. And the items pictured below that came home with me:

Wood Shoe Forms

Wood Shoe Forms

I’ve been looking for wood shoe forms for a while. I was inspired by Susan Valyi who creates awesome sculptures from wood and resin. I wanted something a little smaller than standard adult shoe forms. Here I found a box full of shoe forms in several sizes. I liked this pair because of the heavy string loop used to pull the form out of the shoe. The loop is completely intact and still sturdy. I also like the center hole in the shoe where I imagine inserting copper tubing or a dowel to imitate legs. This piece will take some time to manifest.  The markings on the shoe forms are: E, 11 1/2, (or 11 1/2 E) and 044 on the sides.

Iron Lifters

Iron Lifters

We believe these two pieces are oven burner cover lifters (isn’t that a mouthful!) In other words, these handle-looking pieces were used to lift the burner covers off old stoves so you could light the burner. Of course I looked at them at thought “bodies”!!!! I think some apoxy sculpt is in my future.

And that book I picked up when I walked into the store was replaced by another book I found at the back of the store. I liked the way this one felt in my hands. And it was a little less expensive. At least if I’m going to book defacing hell, I might as well do it over a book that feels good in my hands.


More Consignment Store Goodies

Last week I started Christine Kane’s Uplevel Your Life Mastery program.  This is an expanded and updated version of her Great Big Dreams e-course that I took in December 2007-February 2008. One area of discussion in the class revolves around getting in touch with tiny delights; those small things that make us happy.

One of my small delights is perusing antique and consignment stores. I think of it as good practice for the workshop I’m taking this summer with Dayle Doroshow in France. One of our field trips during the workshop is to a local flea market. Won’t that be a fun experience!

Below are some of my recent finds.


The antique silverware drawer tray was found at Still Life Consignment in Hudson.  The antique brushes and spool were found at Tables to Teapots in Acton. I envision the tray being used as a shadow box and the brushes and spool as forms for a body.


This old corner shelf (turned upside-down in this photo) is destined to be used in my Historical Interpretations exhibit entry. (Earlier blog entries on this exhibit can be found here and here.) This piece also comes from Still Life Consignment.

Antique washboard

Antique washboard



The washboard and quills were found last fall at Nestings in Concord. The washboard “spoke” to me the moment I saw it. It was near the floor and leaning against some furniture in a rear display room. As soon as I saw it, a picture came to mind of how it would look it its finished state. I could see a sculpted head and arms. It would either be on a base or hanging on a wall.  My friend Judy was with me and in another part of the store.  I found her, brought her back to see the washboard and described to her the picture in my head. She simply said “I just got chills as you were describing it. You have to buy it.” And so I did.  (Aren’t those fun friends!)  The washboard is about 18″ long. When it is finished it will be the largest piece I’ve created so far.


In this last picture are old candlesticks and curtain tie-backs. The antique white tie-backs reminded me of wings. Not sure how I’ll use them…yet.  The tie-backs and assorted small goodies (not pictured and including watch parts, metal thimbles, and rhinestone buttons) were all found at Thoreauly Antiques in Concord.