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Heard On The Blogosphere This Week

Some interesting & amusing thoughts from the blogosphere this week.

How did you feel about the death of Osama bin Laden? Celebratory? Sad and reflective? I found myself with mixed emotions. This post by Susan Piver put into words that which I could not.

The 10 Failures of Donald Trump Remember Trump Vodka? Me either.

You cannot help those who are not ready to receive it: Alyson Stanfield shared an excellent post from her archives reminding us to resist the urge to be fixers. Her focus is on artists but you can easily change the word “artist” to anyone.

Fake quotes? Ever wonder if those quotes you read online were really said by the person that they are attributed to? Here is an interesting case of a comment that morphed into a quote with the whole thing being attributed to MLK.

Ladies, are you wearing pants?


Posts of Interest From the Blogosphere

I had hoped to share some more pictures from France with you today. However, a software update decided to wedge up my computer for most of the day on Monday which kept me from my original plans. (The good thing out of this was I spent 4+ hours in the studio working on my exhibit piece.)

In lieu of pictures from France I’m sharing some links to various blog posts that crossed my path over the past couple of weeks. Enjoy!

The Opportunity of Obligation: Susan Mazza shares some great insight on acting out of commitment or acting out of obligation.

Maker’s Schedule vs Manager’s Schedule: Paul Graham shares an interesting explanation on why going to meetings in the middle of the day can throw off your entire schedule. Do you function on a “Maker’s Schedule” or a “Manager’s Schedule?” Now I understand why I hated meetings in the middle of the day.

Create Like a Kid: Ken Robert issues a call to remember what it was like to create when we were kids. Did we worry about things being correct or perfect? Nah.

Stop Your Internet Fiddling: I think almost all of us have become internet fiddlers. Some days it is easier to control this compulsive behavior than on other days. Web Worker Daily shares five steps that may help you curb your internet fiddling.

Make Big Art: Lisa Call has added a new blog to her repertoire. The focus of her new blog is to empower artists to think big about their art, marketing, and their lives.

Don’t Go It Alone: Jennifer Lee, contributing writer on the Wish Studio blog, reminds all Museprenuers why we should not do everything on our own. As indpendent women and men, we all feel we can do the job better ourselves; if we just do it, we know it will get done. I’m guilty of this and have learned it isn’t always the best approach. Also check out Jennifer’s great web site, Artizen Coaching