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Creative Every Day Update

I’ve fallen a bit behind in posting some recent creations as part of the Creative Every Day challenge.

“Goldner Hirsch Doll” 

Goldie is named after the hotel where we stayed in Deer Valley.  She was created one snowy, windy morning.  I delayed hitting the slopes until mid-morning in the hopes that the conditions would improve.


Using what materials I could find, I created Goldie from a cosmetic pad, Q-tips, an empty candy box, gold ribbon, and a napkin with the Goldner Hirsch insignia.

Heartfelt BS

What would Valentine’s Day be without a trio of heart-themed bottle stoppers.


Encased Heart Online Workshop

I had the pleasure of taking a one-day online workshop with Tejae Floyde where she shared her technique for creating encased hearts.  Below is my encased heart.  These little hearts are quite addictive.

encasedheartclosedblog.jpg      encasedhearthalfopenblog.jpg


Thanks Tejae for a wonderful workshop!


Catching Up

This week has flown by and soon I will be flying to Utah.  The week’s primary creativity endeavors involved making pieces to fill wholesale orders.

However, I did complete another doodle:


And started working on backgrounds for my Soul Collage cards:

soulcollagecard1blog.jpg    soulcollagecard2blog.jpg

soulcollage3cardblog.jpg   soulcollage4blog.jpg

The studio will be closed for a few days while I visit Utah and get in some skiing.