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Mixed Up Inky Portraits


I’ve fallen behind with my blog posts. Again. Blah. Blah. Blah. I think it’s that perfectionist critic whining in my ear. Rambling on about how dedicated I used to be posting new blog entries. Keeping up with my art. Etc. Etc. Etc.

So, to keep the little bugger quiet, I’m sharing four mixed up inky portraits that I created a while back during the “Drawn to Expression” workshop.

The idea here was to saturate watercolor paper first with water, then add blobs of ink or watered down paint. While the paper was wet, lines are added to create faces. Black and white portraits were used for reference images.

I did not like these pieces when I first started on them. So I walked away and left them for about a week. When I felt ready to work on these pieces again, I kept the paper relatively dry and added water selectively.

The end result is something I’m much happier with. Materials used include inks, thin acrylic paint, graphite pencil, Marks-all pencil, white pastel.





3 thoughts on “Mixed Up Inky Portraits

  1. These remind me of my cousin who has been an artist since he was a kid and now in his 60’s. I did a profile on him on my blog a few years ago. Anyway,, these are amazing and I love what you are doing.. and you’re having fun. That’s what matters.

    • I remember seeing your cousin’s work, Judy. Cool art that he makes. Yes, I am having fun exploring these different mediums. It’s nice to just play in the studio.

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