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Birds of a Feather


During the Angels Among Us workshop, the first 6 weeks were devoted to each guest artist teaching a new lesson each week. For the second half of the workshop, each teacher was paired with another teacher. They were asked to use each other’s lesson as inspiration to create a new lesson.

I decided to jump ahead to the week 9 bonus lesson with Brandi Dayton. Brandi’s lesson was inspired by Stacha Conboy’s week 3 lesson. In that lesson we created a watercolor angel.

Brandi’s lesson was quick and fun. A nice break from the more detailed lessons with longer videos. She enjoys birds so that was the focus of her bonus lesson. Materials used included watercolor, ink, marker, and pen.


Birds of a Feather


2 thoughts on “Birds of a Feather

  1. Damn, girl, you are flying with your art. I love birds and these cuties are adorable. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

    • Thanks Judy. Creativity seems to come in bursts these days. Hoping to spend more time in the studio during the holiday break. I bet we’ll be creating more birds in Brandi’s upcoming workshop.

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