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Rising From The Ashes


I can’t remember when I last wrote a post for this blog. (Okay, I just looked. It was May 7, 2014. More than a year ago.)

I’ve pondered, on and off, the idea of restarting this blog. Or perhaps starting a brand new blog. Though I didn’t feel highly motivated by either prospect. But this blog, and the fact that I just let it die, continued to pop up in my head every now and again.

A week or so ago, WordPress sent out an announcement for their upcoming summer online workshops, “Blogging 101” and “Blogging 102  201″ I decided that maybe, with WP’s prompts and incentives to write again, I could revive this blog. So, here I am.

Why The Disappearing Act?

I’ve also been thinking about why I let my blog drift off into the Internet ethers. Yes, there is the proverbial life stuff. But I think it was more the fact that all the life stuff over the past 3+ years changed me. Changed what was important to me. Changed my interests. Maybe not changed per say, but brought more of my true self to the forefront.

Since my last post in May 2014, I ended my remaining consignment contracts at local art galleries, I began volunteer work, I travelled to Ireland to discover my roots, I spent more time painting, and I suffered a traumatic hand injury that resulted in the partial amputation of a finger on my right hand.

We downsized our house. We started over in a new community. I became certified as a Reiki Master practitioner. I spent 12 days in France. I’ve jumped into new opportunities in the art community. I haven’t worked with polymer clay on a regular basis since winter 2014. And I don’t really miss it.

Behind all these changes, and what I think is closer to the real reason I stopped blogging, is that part of me feels different and new. And I don’t know if my old readers are interested in this new and different person. This person who is more likely to blog about painting and Reiki and spiritual stuff and how they all fit together in my life now.

I guess I’m about to find out.

6 thoughts on “Rising From The Ashes

  1. Hi Amy Crawley, I’m from São Paulo, Brazil, my English is very bad, but same like that, with the help of the google translater I would like to wish you welcome back, and to say I’m very happy with your return. Thanks. Igraciema Maximo

    Date: Tue, 7 Jul 2015 00:00:51 +0000 To:

  2. Amy, I for one, would be very interested in the changes in your life. I decided a long time ago that the meaning of life IS CHANGE. Too many of us resist change. Embracing change is scary, but it leads to growth and understanding. Life is an adventure and perhaps reading about your adventure will help us to embrace the changes in our lives. I look forward to reading more about your adventure. Mary

    • Hi Mary. Thanks for the warm welcome back to blogging. Perhaps I’ll share some of those past adventures that have lead me to where I am now in future posts. I agree with you. Life is all about change. When we can embrace change, we can live a little easier. We have a motto in our home: “There are things you can control and things you can’t control.” When we accept that there are things we can’t control, we have less stress and anxiety. Sometimes easier said than done, but it always rings true.

  3. I’m interested. I’m interested in people being real, revealing their vulnerabilities… sounds as if you’re in the middle of challenges and great change- that’s when life gets interesting. I’m a Reiki II person, have moved over two years ago now, have more choice in how I use my time so… long put off creative options are now possible. If your followers are no longer interested, I’m sure you will pick up new ones. I for one will be watching and reading. That’s a lovely photo by the way. I guess your hand operation has affected what you are able to do.

    Keep going and so will I.

    • Hi Kate! Thanks for your kind words and encouragement. Wonderful to hear that you are also a Reiki practitioner. Artisans, Reiki folks, and other traveling through life and its changes are who I hope to reach with my blog posts. I stopped by your blog and left a comment for you as well. Cheers!

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