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How To Sharpen Polymer Clay Slicing Blades


If you work with polymer clay on a regular basis, you may find that your slicing blades get dull over time. In the video below, I share an easy way to keep your slicing blades sharp. So stop throwing out those dull blades! Sharpen them and keep on slicing that polymer clay.


A Special Request

How do you spark the creative muse? When you’ve run out of ideas, hit the wall, or are just BORED, how do you find your mojo again?

I am writing a new blog post on sparking the creative muse and I want your help.

Specifically, I’m collecting tips from my friends and colleagues on how they spark the creative muse. You don’t have to an artist to participate either. We all use various techniques to keep ourselves moving forward in our endeavors.

In the comments section below, please share 1-3 tips that you use to spark the creative muse. Also include a link to your work, if you want. (A website, blog, Pinterest, Etsy, or ArtFire page, etc. One link only please.)

Your tip(s) and link will be included in the upcoming blog post. You have my deep gratitude and thanks for participating.

4 thoughts on “How To Sharpen Polymer Clay Slicing Blades

  1. Believe it or not, what sometimes drains me, is the exact same as my motivator. My son – who loves to work with his hands. He strings beads and when I see how hard he works for something vs. a a person who does not have autism or mental retardation doing that same task, it fills me with such emotion that I could do a bit of everything – I could write, I could work with polymer clay (my favorite), I could work with wire, I could make different things[knit or crochet], (cannot sew); but more importantly – I reinvest my time back into my son – reteaching him another creative method or project… He is my best teacher in life.

  2. Hi Amy! It’s been a long time but I used to go to the polymer clay guild meetings in Burlington.
    I am glad you are doing well. I found this video randomly on my Pinterest feed.
    I hope all is well!

  3. I struggle with recieving a “creative download” now and then. This happens when i am distracted by the business of living. Instead of looking forward at those times, i find it helpful to look back at the pieces i have made over the years. Lots of memories and feelings are attached to those items, and some are good ideas not well realized because my skill set was not as well honed as it is now. If that doesnt put me in the right head space, I will switch gears and take a class or workshop completely unrelated to my path as an artist. For example i once took a class about how to construct giant paper towers, or making geodesic domes. A magazine on some foreign topic sometimes will get things firing. A topic I would never consider part of my life, like “guns and ammo!” Or a surfing magazine is also great. Those surfers ar a thoughtful bunch of dudes and chicks.
    When I am really beached and nothing is jolting me out of it, i tell myself to just keep blundering ahead and focus on craftmanship issues and perhaps challenge myself to pick up a new skill.
    One thing I have done recently is pick out an artist whose work I admire and email them with a polite request for conversation, and if they consent perhaps speak on the phone. I give them several personal references so they can check to see i am not some whacko. It has gone well so far and it was exciting to speak to her. She called me right away and we had a lovely convo. I am preparing pics of my work, and will ask for brutal honest criticism, because I feel that would benefit me.
    Other times I just go to pinterest and learn to sharpen my blades!

  4. Hi Amy,here are some things that work for me,
    – Strangely enough structure is really important. Keep records of ideas and planed projects, and move from one to the next systematically. If I’m feeling a bit ‘dry’ research for an upcoming project usually gets the creativity flowing again.

    -Creativity is work, not magic. Like an athlete who trains for an event, I try to approach my creativity in the same way. I journal, research record, and expose myself to visual and auditory stimulation in the stream of the project I’m involved in. It’s not enough to just create when you feel like it. Structure and routine are important to keep creative juices flowing.

    -Hone your craft. If you are having a ‘flat’ patch in your creativity, go back to the basics and practice till you are rewarded by the results. If you draw, go back to basic shapes and rework blocking objects, if you paint. Set yourself a momocrome task, or blend and record a colour wheel. If you write set yourself a short essay task. Treading a familiar path lifts the anxiety, and helps your brain relax. A relaxed brain crackles with creativity

    Hope these ideas were helpful

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