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A Year of Mindfulness: Becoming Aware of Food


Bless us oh Lord and these, thine gifts, which we are about to receive….

And so went the daily prayer my family would say each night before digging into dinner. A prayer over our food.

For the most part these were just rote words I learned as a child. Words that were to remind me to thank God (or the Universe, or Buddha, or Allah, or whatever deity you might believe in) for the food on my plate.

I was reminded of these very words because this week’s mindfulness practice asks us to look deeply into food. That is, to consider where our food or drink came from; the people who harvested the food, the driver who transported the food, the farmer who grew the food, and so on.

When I was a child, my family grew some of our food in a small urban garden. Mainly tomatoes and corn which were the easiest to grow. As an adult, I carried this trait with me and have had a vegetable garden for many years.

But for many in society, there is no opportunity to grow food. And the further away we are from the source of our food, the easier it is to forget all that is involved in bringing food to our table. This lack of awareness was the basis for some localvore movements.

Yet beyond the understanding of where our food comes from and all the people (and animals) involved in bringing it to us, when we become aware of food, we awaken to our complete dependence upon the life energy of many other people. This awareness gives new meaning to the idea of having communion with others. That is, each time we eat or drink, we come into union with countless beings.

This week as you eat or drink, look more deeply into your food. Become aware of the source of your food and all those countless beings who contributed to bringing these items to you.

Reflection: The life energy of many beings flows into us as we eat. -Dr. Jan Chozen Bays

Bean seedling - Version 2

4 thoughts on “A Year of Mindfulness: Becoming Aware of Food

  1. I find this quite timely, Amy. I just started Weight Watchers and I am deeply AWARE of my food more than ever. Not so much where they came from or how.. but in a nutritious way and “damn, I’m hungry” way.

  2. This is wonderful, Amy. I grew up on a farm and so, as a child, being mindful and grateful for the food on my plate was an everyday occurrence. It just came naturally because I had been involved in growing or caring for everything on my plate. Over the years, though, I’ve lost that connection. So, I try to keep it going by visiting the farmer’s market and simply remembering that even though the connection is not as personal, someone grew the tea leaves that are steeped to make my morning cup of inspiration. And someone kneaded the dough that became the bagel I’m eating now. Like so many worthwhile things, mindfulness is a practice . . . and thought I’m a bit rusty right now, this is a perfect reminder to get back into the swing of things!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the mindfulness post on food, Erica. I agree. We are so far from the source of our food these days and we forget all it takes to bring it to our table. What a great experience it must have been to grow up on a farm. Thanks for stopping by!

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