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New Art Friday: Two Piggys and A Chicken Walk Into A Bar


Sorry, were you expecting some crude joke about pigs and chickens? My apologies if I disappointed you.

Today I am sharing with you three new Ornimals that are variations on the Down on the Farm series.

When Pigs Fly…

When Pigs Fly… is a specially crafted Piggy Ornimal for the Merrimack Valley Artisans (MVA) Holiday show this October. This piece will be raffled at the show as part of MVA’s scholarship fundraiser. I am designing a display stand for this piece as well.

When Pigs Fly…
Amy Crawley (2012)

When Pigs Fly… measures 2 3/8″ (60mm) in diameter. She features angel wings lightly dusted with white glitter.

Piggys in Berets

This piece was inspired by the Tour de France which was playing in the background in the studio. It started out with the Piggy wearing a fashionable black beret. But when I started to paint on the features I wasn’t happy with how the beret looked on his head. So I added a red feather and red bead. It seemed to give him a certain “je ne sais quoi.”

Piggy with Beret
Amy Crawley (2012)

Chicken with Black Feathers

Chickens come in all sizes and plumage. This particular chicken was inspired by the Delaware breed which have black and white feathers.

Delaware Chicken Ornimal
Amy Crawley (2012)

September is Chicken Month!

In honor of Chicken Month I will be running a special sale on my Chicken Ornimals in September. If you love chickens, raise chickens, or know someone who does and you’d like to get the details about this special, sign up for my Free monthly art newsletter Studio Happenings. The sale is only available to my newsletter subscribers. (A portion of all Ornimal sales is donated to BayPath Humane Society, a no-kill animal shelter.)

6 thoughts on “New Art Friday: Two Piggys and A Chicken Walk Into A Bar

  1. Great job as usual Amy! And the Flying Pig… I live near Cincinnati, OH where they have the Flying Pig Marathon every year. And like other cities that adopt some animal to be painted, Cincinnati has Flying Pigs, and Flying Pigs adorn an entrance to a riverfront park. So market your Flying Pigs toward Cincinnati where they are so popular! Good Luck!

    • Thanks Jean for the compliment. And what a great idea. I haven’t been to Cincinnati in years. I remember seeing Piggy statues around the city the one time that I was there. Can’t remember if they had wings or not. I’ll definitely check into this.

  2. I am just loving this animal family you are creating. Explosion of creativity from the Crawley studio.

  3. Had to cackle at the chicken! 😮 All three ornaments are great fun!

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