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A Year of Mindfulness: The Three Breaths

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Here we are midway through April. I write this on tax day and the upcoming mindfulness practice seems very appropriate for that annual ritual. But before we get to that, lets return to last week’s mindfulness practice: Secret Virtues. Were you able to grace anyone with a secret virtue, an anonymous act of kindness? Did you happen to receive any secret acts of kindness? How did you feel when you engaged in this act of kindness? I hope it left you feeling 10 feet tall and put a smile on your face.

This Week’s Mindfulness Practice: Three Breaths

A few weeks ago, we practiced a similar act when we were asked to pause and take three breaths before answering the phone. Not an easy thing for everyone to practice, especially if you’re in a customer service position or other job that requires an immediate response when the phone rings.

This week we are asked to pause, to take three breaths, any time during the day. The intention behind this practice is to quiet the noisy mind and to open up your senses and become aware your surroundings. I find this practice is very helpful when my mind is racing along a mile a minute. It makes me to return to the present moment.

Another great time to practice three breaths is when you’re stuck in traffic or waiting in a long line. (Hey, do see the connection between this practice and the earlier practice on waiting?) I also like to take three breaths before falling asleep. It seems to help prepare my body for a good nights rest.

During which situations would it be good for you to practice three breaths?

Reflection: Prescription for health: Quiet the mind for just three breaths. Repeat as needed. -Jan Chozen Bays

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