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A Year of Mindfulness: Loving Eyes


Last week we ended the first quarter of the year by attempting to take a media fast. No email, Facebook, Twitter, TV, books, newspapers, radio, etc. Were you able to take a complete media fast? How about a reduction in media usage?

This practice was very hard for me. I pretty much failed at it. I tried to reduce my media usage but by the end of the week even that attempt was suffering. This practice is very hard to do at home. It is almost easier to do it when I’m on vacation and the last thing I care about is being fully connected. Curious.

This Week’s Practice: Look at your surroundings with loving eyes

This week’s mindfulness practice is to use loving eyes when you look at things and people. It feels a bit like the companion practice to using a loving touch. Much like using a loving touch, with this practice we are asked to observe what happens when we look at our surroundings with loving eyes. It is easy for us to use loving eyes when looking at a baby, our partner, or a cute animal. Yet how often do you look at a stranger with loving eyes?

Most often, we look at people and objects in our environment with neutral eyes. Or we may look at them critically, or in anger or in a negative way. To look at people and things with loving eyes requires a level of intimacy and that makes us uncomfortable.

We use many different “eyes” to look at the world: personal, impersonal, anger, critical, kind, loving. The “eyes” we use colors our perception of the world and how we see it. Often, the beings we’re looking at are sensitive to the “eyes” we use. This affects our own happiness and the happiness of those being looked at.

Reflection: When our eyes see our hands doing the work of our hearts, a circle of creation is completed inside us. The doors of our soul open and love steps forth to heal everything in sight. -Anne Jones

3 thoughts on “A Year of Mindfulness: Loving Eyes

  1. I too am best at media fasts when on vacation. I find it much easier to do then.

  2. Amazing article thanks for sharing.
    I am a love investigator too

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