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Here Comes The Sun…and a Bird…and a Heart


The other day I took a break from making the bobble totems with bodies. I wanted to make something a bit smaller that was quicker to put together. I am planning to add the bobble totems to my line of work and having a range of price points is always a good thing. The “tiny totems” would fit that mindset.

This idea for tiny totems first popped up in my head while making my hearts last month. I wanted to find out how one of those hearts would look & function as a totem.

Heart Tiny Totem 2012; Amy Crawley

The heart looked pretty good. Of course, while this idea was ruminating in my head, I had to think about other sculptural items that might look cute as totems.

How about a tiny bird?

Bird Tiny Totem 2012; Amy Crawley

Bird Tiny Totem (Side view)

Of course, what bird doesn’t enjoy a bit of sun?

Sun Tiny Totem, 2012; Amy Crawley

And here is the tiny totem trio:

Tiny Totem Trio 2012; Amy Crawley

The heart is 4.25″ tall. The bird is 3.75″ tall (to his beak). And the sun is 4.75″ tall to his longest sunbeam.

Have an excellent weekend everyone!

10 thoughts on “Here Comes The Sun…and a Bird…and a Heart

  1. Oh! They are wonderful!

    • Thank you everyone for your kind words of encouragement. The tiny totems are fun to make and definitely have their own personalities. And I don’t think birds ever really go out of style.

      Jean, I’ll be in touch privately regarding a potential purchase. I appreciate your interest.

  2. Love the new items. Am interested in purchasing the bird for a friend’s brithday early next month. Will they be ready later this month? The bird so fits my friend. Thanks and keep creating what is in your heart.

  3. I am loving watching the evolution of the totems Amy. Simply delightful.

  4. .. and here is my trio comment back to you… LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

  5. love ’em- especially the little bird!

  6. Your having fun 🙂 I can see you smiling !!!

  7. Oh Amy!! When can we get together and make art? These totems make me smile and run to my studio!! I love them!


    • Joyce, how nice to hear from you! It would be great if we did live closer & could have an art day. Thanks for the compliments. I’m glad the tiny totems brought a smile to your face. Yea!

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