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Summer’s Coming-Another New Totem


My totems have gone through a few iterations since I started playing around with this idea. First they were small and flattish.

Janus Face 1

Then I gave them a solid base and a hollow body.

Then I decided to add movement to the totems.

Bobble Janus Totem Front Side

Along the way I learned about the need for balance (not just in life but in artwork), sturdier wire, proportion, and overall design and construction.

Now I’ve come to this in my totem creations. A little smaller, still bobbles, better balance and design. This piece was created intuitively. That is, I chose a face mold, 3 colors of ink, a few textures, and let my hands create. I tried to approach this with as little internal criticism as possible (that inner critic doesn’t like having its mouth stuffed, believe me.)

Summer’s Coming

Summer's Coming (Amy Crawley, 2012)

Summer's Coming (Front-Close)

Summer's Coming (Back)

Summer's Coming (Back-Close)

The timing of this post is great. We’re expecting a snowstorm here. Summer won’t be too far behind.

4 thoughts on “Summer’s Coming-Another New Totem

  1. Wonderful pieces, Amy! I loved reading about and viewing your progression.

    • Thank you everyone for your generous comments on my latest totem, Summer’s Coming. The positive response so far does make me feel like I’m on the right path with this new line of work.

  2. I love this one. So bright and cheery. Very good balance. You should listen to your inner voice and let it create more often. The criticism comes from the ego which is jealous of your natural abilities.

  3. Made me smile and say “Yeah!”

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