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Janus Bobble Totem


I’m continuing work on the design & construction of my bobble totems. On my first attempt, the body seemed to be a good size, but the gauge of wire and size of the base were not ideal.

With this next piece I figured out a better way to attach the head to the body. However, I am still struggling with appropriate size bases for the size of the totem’s body and overall balance of the piece.

I’m already working on my third trial piece and my approach to design & construction is getting better. I’m making notes in my sketch book on what steps I take on each piece; what worked, what didn’t work. Soon I hope to say “by jove, I think she’s got it!”

For now, please enjoy this second Janus Bobble Totem. Coloring was created with black acrylic wash and decorative chalks. Click on the first image to view the slideshow.

2 thoughts on “Janus Bobble Totem

  1. Like the face. Interesting expressions. Love the body etchings. Feels like he needs arms to flow out to help balance him. Almost like he could tetter and fall and I want to put my arms out to balance. You’re on the right track. Good work.

    • Hi Jean,
      Thanks for your assessment. This totem has been a challenge all around. That makes him a good lesson in design for me. Arms on a future totem could be interesting. I’ll share a new, smaller totem this week.

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