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A Year of Mindfulness: Eliminate Filler Words


Each Monday during 2012 I am sharing a mindfulness practice based on Jan Chozen Bays’ book How to Train a Wild Elephant. You can read more about the book and mindfulness here.

Last week’s practice was Leave No Trace which essentially means to pick up after yourself before you leave a room. How did you do with this practice? My big challenge with this practice was cleaning up in the kitchen. I have a tendency, especially during the day, to let the dirty dishes collect in the sink.

With this practice I found myself not only cleaning the dishes instead of letting them sit in the sink, I also dried and put them away. It did feel pretty good to get everything cleaned up and out of the way instead of letting it linger. The one caveat to this practice: my studio. I may pick up a little bit, here and there, after I finish for the day. But cleaning up completely? Nope.

This week’s practice: Eliminate filler words. Oh boy, this could be a real challenge. Filler words, such as “um,” “you know,” “like,” etc permeate our conversations today. Some say it is because we’re afraid of silences in conversation, so instead of silence, we use a filler word. Some say it is because we’ve become lazy in our speaking skills. And others may say that these filler words “fill in the space” while we think of the word we’d really like to use.

Whatever the reason, filler words are an unconscious habit that can be difficult to change. That is the challenge this week. Eliminate filler words.

Reflection: I think you’re all enlightened until you open your mouths. Zen master Suzuki Roshi

5 thoughts on “A Year of Mindfulness: Eliminate Filler Words

  1. That will be a tough one. I am game though. Giving it a try.

    • Judy: I always wonder if we had “filler” words as kids. We must’ve had something similar. I think I sighed alot, which probably sounded more like exasperation. It is a hard habit to break. The first step is awareness.

      Jean: Welcome to the mindfulness practice! I hope you continue to find it beneficial.

      Roberta: Eliminating filler words is hard. Start with one filler word and continue from there. And be gentle with yourself. This isn’t about perfection but increased awareness.

  2. I’d started last weeks endeavor a while back. Like not having to go back.
    This week’s no filler words – I really like as I notice this a lot. Now I’ll pay attention to my words and just leave any gentle silent pauses when needed to think through my words so they always come out gently and with love intention.

  3. You are right on, Amy. I tell my kids.. stop saying “like”. I catch myself saying it also.. but the kids nowadays, say it all the time.. drives me crazy. Great practice for this week.

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