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Dr. Funk Meet Mr. Wall


Green Puffer Fish Ornimal, Amy A Crawley, 2011, Sold

Ever since the Artspace show wrapped up, I’ve been in a bit of a funk. The show was a huge success; best show I’ve done in a couple of years. Attendance appeared to be up. The Ornimals sold well. The functional art sold well. I added new people to my customer contact list. I came home tired from a job well done.

Riding the High

I was excited when I came home. The doom and gloom of the past year, in terms of the economy, seemed to be a distant memory. I even received a few last minute orders for more Ornimals. And then I sat.

I know from past experience that it can take me a couple of days to get back into the swing of things. It’s that time when you’re coming down from one event and preparing for the next event. Dr. Anne Paris, author of Standing at Water’s Edge refers to this period as “moving out of immersion.” Moving in and out of immersive states is a normal part of creation.

Yet that didn’t help me from feeling overwhelmed with filling the last few orders before the holidays. And then there were the other things on my to-do list that also needed to be addressed. Those things that I’d put off while getting ready for the ArtSpace show. And there were appointments that I’d made too.

I’d look at my to-do list, look at the clock, try to get myself out of my chair, and succumb to the computer instead. Funk had met the wall.


Now this time wasn’t completely unproductive. Because of the success of the Ornimals, I started investigating new display options. I made notes about target markets & how to better market the Ornimals in 2012. And I did catch up on a couple things that I put on the back-burner in the run-up to the show.

But in my head, especially at night, I’d berate myself for not putting my hands back into the clay. The negative voice loomed large in my head. I questioned everything I was doing whether it was related to art, business or not. I felt like I’d run smack into a wall. Everything on my list seemed “too big” to accomplish and I was only destined to fail.

On Monday I decided to take a walk. It wasn’t exceptionally long (that is becoming a little less desirable as the temperature gets colder.) But it was enough to clear my head and improve my attitude.

It only took me a week to get there.

I spent this entire week working on the special orders. Two were shipped out today. I hope to have the last piece in a final order completed next week. I need to keep riding this wave of momentum and do the work. Resistance is futile.

Then it will be Christmas and New Years. Time for a welcome break…before it all starts up again.

6 thoughts on “Dr. Funk Meet Mr. Wall

  1. Hi Amy, this post really resonated with me- I have been in the same place. Glad to hear you are moving past funks and walls. I hope to soon too! off for a walk- xo

    • Hi Dayle,
      Good to hear from you. I hope your walk helped you to begin moving out of your funk. I think the hard part is not fighting it & accepting that we all go through these periods. Our left brain wants to be logical. Our right brain wants to just be.

  2. Amy:
    You lead a busy life of creeating. The show was a success and riding a high – and a need to rest and restore your soul and energy is the wall/funk. You received recognition and support with the success. Yet you had worked so hard to get there, you’d forgotten to rest, appreciate, and thank the universe for your energies. That’s the wall/funk. Thank the universe for all you have, and the forced funk that makes you evaluate, thank, and appreciate. Your energies will rise and surpass all you’ve already done. Love your work and so enjoy it. Love & Light. Merry Christmas.

    • Jean what a wonderful thought; that the wall/funk is my inner self telling me I need to rest and rejuvenate. I never looked at it from that perspective. Thanks for sharing. I’m happy to share my art and am glad that you enjoy it. Merry Christmas!

  3. Oh, I know Dr. Funk very well. He doesn’t have a very good reputation… and he doesn’t take insurance.. bum. Seriously.. I’ve been there and so many others have too. Be proud of what you’ve just done.. that’s amazing. I didn’t do anything for a month in my studio and I’m just getting back to it. Being on vacation for a couple of week is what I need now for the holidays. p.s. you are my hero.

    • Thanks Judy for you kind words. I appreciate it. I admire all you do too. Sometimes I think the worst thing we do is set expectations for ourselves way too high. And then the slightest deviation from that puts us in a tailspin. I know being in a funk is normal. The hard part is accepting it and working with it or within it. Just got to listen to my inner voice (the good one, not the annoying one.)

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