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Kente Cloth Ornaments


Earlier this month fellow polymer clay artist Alice Stroppel shared a video of her creating the “Stroppel Cane.” The video was rapidly shared via social media and Alice’s cane became an overnight success.

Now I am not a polymer clay cane-making kind of  gal. Well, that’s not completely true.  I’ve made some simple canes, one or two simple face canes, and a couple leaf canes. Mostly basic stuff. Intensely detailed canes, however, are not my thing.

The simplicity of the Stroppel cane intrigued me. I also wondered how my version would turn out knowing that in order to create the Stroppel cane, one uses left over bits and pieces of cane ends. Not something I have in abundance.

I do, however, have a few bags of scrap clay sorted into various color families. So I figured I might find some cane ends in those bags and then I could fill in with marbled twists of other colors.

Following Alice’s directions, I created my version of the Stroppel cane. The end result is what I call Kente-like cloth. And since I’m on in ornament making mode, I decided to use my Stroppel cane-Kente-like cloth to cover some disk shaped glass ornaments.

Kente Cloth Ornament Black_Vertical

Kente Cloth Ornament Black_Horizontal

Kente Cloth Ornament Half Black_Half Texture

Kente Cloth Ornament White_Red Vertical

Kente Cloth Ornament White_Red Vertical 2

2 thoughts on “Kente Cloth Ornaments

  1. Amy, How cool that even non caners like yourself are finding ways to use the Stroppel Cane. These are so much fun. Love the one on top and the second one makes me think of swirling winter weather.

    Thanks for sharing and the link. I’ve added these to my Pinterest page.

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