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Kente Cloth Ornaments

Earlier this month fellow polymer clay artist Alice Stroppel shared a video of her creating the “Stroppel Cane.” The video was rapidly shared via social media and Alice’s cane became an overnight success.

Now I am not a polymer clay cane-making kind of  gal. Well, that’s not completely true.  I’ve made some simple canes, one or two simple face canes, and a couple leaf canes. Mostly basic stuff. Intensely detailed canes, however, are not my thing.

The simplicity of the Stroppel cane intrigued me. I also wondered how my version would turn out knowing that in order to create the Stroppel cane, one uses left over bits and pieces of cane ends. Not something I have in abundance.

I do, however, have a few bags of scrap clay sorted into various color families. So I figured I might find some cane ends in those bags and then I could fill in with marbled twists of other colors.

Following Alice’s directions, I created my version of the Stroppel cane. The end result is what I call Kente-like cloth. And since I’m on in ornament making mode, I decided to use my Stroppel cane-Kente-like cloth to cover some disk shaped glass ornaments.

Kente Cloth Ornament Black_Vertical

Kente Cloth Ornament Black_Horizontal

Kente Cloth Ornament Half Black_Half Texture

Kente Cloth Ornament White_Red Vertical

Kente Cloth Ornament White_Red Vertical 2