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That Other Form of Creativity: The New Fall TV Season


I miss LOST.

When LOST ended, I realized there would be very little on TV that interested me. In fact, as this new fall season was approaching, I commented to my hubby that I was pretty unfamiliar with any of the new shows.

Then I saw a listing of new shows in the NY Times. And I watched a few preview clips on YouTube. As of now, I still don’t think I’m missing much.

It started with The X-Factor. Perhaps you couldn’t miss knowing about this show between the online ads and media chatter. I watched/listened to an hour of the premiere while working on my new series of artwork. 60 minutes of it was all I could tolerate. I really don’t like watching the auditions. Some of it can be very painful to watch and hear.

This year was the first time I’ve ever watched American Idol. I was more curious about Steven Tyler and how he’d act on the show. Here, too, the auditions were tedious and the commercials annoying. Cut to the chase please. After while, the show began to wear on me. The judges were almost too nice. I mean, when I can hear a contestant singing off key and no judge comments on it, something isn’t right.

Anyways, singing and dance talent shows just don’t do it for me.

Person of Interest: Did you see this show? It caught my eye because Michael Emerson is in it. You’ll remember him as Ben Linus from LOST. The show is also a Bad Robot (J.J Abrams) production. Same folks who brought us LOST. So I thought it would be worth checking out.

Impression: Eh. The premise behind the show, the government tracking its citizens post 9/11, storing data, recording your every move, and using this information to stop a situation before it happens sounded intriguing. But I’m not so sure the characters are interesting enough to keep me interested. Michael Emerson was okay. James Caviezel was a little flat. I give it a B-.

Terra Nova: Another show I saw previews of over the summer. It looked like LOST meets Jurassic Park in the previews. The two-hour premiere confirmed that, right down to the tall gates built to keep the dinos out and the people in. Steven Spielberg is behind this mega budget show with the CGI dinosaurs. I like Jason O’Mara, who plays the father in this series and who I last saw in “Life on Mars” (US version.) And some of the action sequences were entertaining. But overall, just like Person of Interest, the characters aren’t terribly intriguing. In some ways the show feels a bit like “Land of the Lost.” I give it a C.

Project Runway: Okay, this show started back in August and I’d already missed two episodes before I knew it was back on the schedule. I’m a late-comer to Project Runway. I started watching a few seasons back, when they did their last show in CA before moving back to NY.  This show has become my secret obsession. However I’m not feeling very attached to any of the designers this season. No one has been a real standout. But I still watch. I like Tim Gunn. I do wish Michael Kors would wear something other than that same black outfit.

I was thrilled to see an ad for the upcoming Project Runway All-Stars series featuring Mondo from last season. He should’ve won Season 8. I think its great he’ll get another chance.

Once Upon a Time: This show doesn’t start until October 23 on ABC. It appears to be this odd mingling of children’s fairy tales and real life where the “real life” characters are the actual characters living in the fairy tales. Huh? It comes from two producers from LOST. Check out the trailers here. This one could be very interesting.

Work of Art: This is the Project Runway equivalent for artists. 14 artists compete for a $100,000 prize and a solo exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum. The premiere season last year was pretty good and I’m glad Abdi took the competition. The show returns on Bravo on October 12

Alcatraz: Another J.J. Abrams show featuring another LOST alum, Jorge Garcia (remember him as Hurley?). Due to debut in 2012. Lots of chatter about this show but I don’t quite get the premise. A bunch of inmates disappear from Alcatraz 50 years ago and reappear in modern day CA. And they haven’t aged since they disappeared. Do they seek revenge? Do they go on a crime spree? Do I care?

So these are just a few of the new shows I’ve watched or put on my calendar. I haven’t bothered with any of the comedies or dramedies or other reality TV shows. Nothing there seemed of interest to me. And really, some evenings I’d just rather be in the studio.

What about you? Are you watching any of the new shows this season? How about the older shows, like House (now he’s in prison?) or Modern Family?

Do you even watch TV on a telly or do you watch online?

5 thoughts on “That Other Form of Creativity: The New Fall TV Season

  1. Project Runway is one of my secret obsessions too. I also like the show called Sing Off where the singers are in groups and sing with no instruments. Once Upon A Time looks interesting too. Another obsession is the Paranormal Witness on the Syfy channel as well as the Bio channels Celebrity Ghost stories. Other than that I rather be listening to music and work in the studio.

    • Cody, it is good to know I’m not the only one with a secret obsession with Project Runway. I don’t watch SyFy. Paranormal Witness sounds interesting. I find paranormal and ghost story shows intriguing. I know some seem hokey. But if you’ve ever had an encounter, there seems to be some validity to the life after death debate. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Amy, great post… There are only a few shows I watch.. I don’t want to get into the new ones, as it’s just too time consuming. So, for now, I watch Castle, Sons of Anarchy (yes, this is my dark side) and the FoodTV channel.. loving Chopped and Diners, Drive-ins and Dives). The FX channel is a bit over the edge, but I do like some of their past shows (Rescue Me and Nip/Tuck.. again, my dark side is showing). Sometimes I watch Raising Hope which is so funny.. and Modern Family. But sometimes I just forget when they are on. The science fiction shows., I can live without. There are many shows focusing on women this year.. Charlies Angels, Two Girls Broke, The New Girl. Not sure they will make it.

    • Judy, I don’t see X-Factor in your list. I’ve heard of Sons of Anarchy but have no idea what it is about. I’ve watched Iron Chef and the cupcake competition show. I agree; FX does seem to be on the edge. I never watched Rescue Me but heard Dennis Leary was very good in it. Not sure how the women focused new shows will do this season. Some still seem to be stuck in a stereotype image. Have heard that The Good Wife is good and the exception to that stereotype. Thanks for stopping by.

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