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Blow My Mind Glass Art-The Dale Chihuly Exhibit


This year the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) hosted a wonderful exhibit of glass artwork by Dale Chihuly. I admit that I have not been a big fan of Chihuly’s artwork in the past. I was familiar with his work, primarily the large glass chandeliers. While those are fantastic pieces, in general, I haven’t been taken in by his work.

Earlier this year I started experimenting with more abstract artwork in polymer clay, such as my polymer clay focal disks. The more I played with these shapes, adding various protrusions and projections, I found myself more drawn to Chihuly’s work. I found a deeper appreciation for his sensual shapes, sinewy spikes, and amoeba like disks.

I also learned a bit more about Chihuly’s past. How he lost sight in one eye due to a car accident. That he had studied glass making with the masters at Murano in Venice, Italy. And how water has provided great inspiration for much of his work.

When the MFA announced plans for the Chihuly exhibit, I couldn’t wait to see it. I think this is the first time I’ve ever gone to an art exhibit twice. And each time I found a greater appreciation for it.

Please enjoy these pictures taken during my two visit to the Chihuly exhibit.

5 thoughts on “Blow My Mind Glass Art-The Dale Chihuly Exhibit

  1. Hi Amy,
    Beautiful photos! What a thrill to find inspiration in a place that you thought there was none. I love hearing how change occurs like that. If you’re ever in Tacoma, WA, go see the glass museum where they have wonderful Chihuly installations.
    Best, Diane

    • Thanks everyone for your comments on the Chihuly images. His artwork can be a little odd in shape or style. But that is the beauty of artwork and the artist’s interpretation. I now see the influence of water and the ocean in his work.

      Shelley, apparently one of Chihuly’s comments when he was here was that there wasn’t enough “Chihuly” in Boston. The exhibit was so popular and people so enjoyed one particular piece at the entrance to the exhibit, MFA started raising money to purchase it so it would be a permanent fixture at the museum.

  2. I find many of Chihulys’ pieces really interesting, particularly after having seen several videos/shows about his process & installations. It’s always interesting to see an artists’ process. Here in Tacoma we have a number of his pieces permanently installed in the downtown area, along with the Museum of Glass. They are a wonderful addition to the area & fun to glimpse while driving in the area. Thanks for sharing some of Chihulys’ work with us!

  3. These colors are amazing. Great shots, Amy. Some strange, but interesting shapes.

  4. That’s great, Amy! Each of his installations has a different theme, though many seem to do with water in some way or another. He did one in Israel that had to do with ice. The thing I like most about Chihully is that he fosters other artists. He has a school for local youth & invites glass artists from all over the world to work in the glass museum’s hot shop. The glass work on the bridge of glass is by his students.

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